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    The EGPWS requires a "look ahead" and thus is more complicated which I didn't have time for yet. TOO LOW FLAPS should work though... TCAS is a totally different story, this requires several changes to the traffic system which we also did not have time for yet.

    EC135 bearpaws are optional in the real world as far as I know. You don't need them to land on a hard surface but on soft surfaces they are of great value of course.

    There are many features in the A320 that are not implemented yet, we are improving this aircraft over time and there have been many requests in the past. Please keep in mind that we have a lot of other aircraft as well and that we cannot dedicate as much time to one aircraft as add-on developers to for their products. I'm not a fan of creating a list of missing features because that may suggest that we as developers are going to implement exactly that list which is unlikely and that may disappoint users. Also who is going to update that list if something gets added...?

    I can make a list and keep it updated like the other list I made with ideas for aerofly and if someone has an idea I will add it to the list and I will name it possible ideas so it's not 100% confirmed but an idea

    Did you ever fly from Frankfurt to Los Angeles for example? You won’t even be able to see the line if your nm settings are on the highest possible. It’s because of the circular world as Jan (Jetpacks) already said

    I did a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco I had the same thing

    The plane doesn't follow the line precisely it is always a bit to the left or to the right of the path and if you have your nm set to low you can't see the line making it look like the plane is not following the path but it is following it

    We don't know yet whether we will also offer Aerofly FS 4 on alternative channels, we are leaving all options open.

    However, there will be some major updates in the coming weeks and months, which of course will reach the customer very well with Steam. Among other things, we will once again improve large parts of Europe with better image material, details of which will be published later.

    What about aerofly fs 2022 will we be getting a big update too?

    Wow! You guys are really purists. This is simply an observation. I just don’t experience the sim from your perspective.

    No we just want the game to be realistic this forum was made to give feedback of things that are wrong or not realistic so that the developers can change it or find a solution

    I run aerofly on a ipad pro 2021 with 16 gigs of Ram can’t name a device more powerful that can run aerofly 2022 on mobile devices. And it only happens as soon as a turn the engines of a plane off.

    Then I don't now i can run aerofly fs 2022 on max graphics and fps with a xiaomi poco x3 pro 11gb ram 8 internal gb ram and 3 digital gb ram and j can do full flights with start up and shut down without any problems the only time I had problems was when I had my 4gb phone It also crashed after engine shutdown and sometimes randomly in flight

    I have kept myself from announcing this but it is getting really annoying, all my flights keep crashing just after landing and as result the flight and flight hours don’t get logged. This even happend when i flew all the way from Zurich to Los Angeles. I’m considering stepping to x-plane if aerofly can not hold up to stay running after a simple engines off. Hope this gets fixed very soon.

    This is probably a device issue do you have the graphics set to max if you do try putting them to medium or low I also had this on my other phone with bad performance setting the graphics setting lower should help

    Hello everyone found out the searchlight of the ec135 can be moved by a “joystick” in the cockpit, however i can’t find the option or button to turn it on, is it possible and if so, how?

    Put all of these to the on and fwd position that's how you turn the searchlight on and the normal light and to move the searchlight use the center one that's in the red circle that says fwd and aft put it all the way to fwd and then you can turn it

    When will the 777-300er get more features like working hydraulics better engine sound/start up sound more FMC functions I now you guys have alot to do but I'm feeling like the 777 doesn't get as much features as the other aircrafts and I hope you guys have new features for the 777 in aerofly fs 2023 Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Yes I appreciate of course, I didn t say I don't, is a beautiful simulator, but sadly is only half of a beautiful simulator . But you see, the point is that is not a cheap product, i pay if I remember around 63 euros, and in my opinion if a product is not finished you not go on the market. They could wait a year or two to finish everything, then boom! Kill the world! How would be for example that you go to a car dealer, you pay full a car that you like, but you take home half of your beloved car? :/ You would be grateful and apreciate also? Don't think so. What I'm saying is that for me would be more correct if maybe they should wait and finish until they decide to sell the product. In that case I could apreciate more ;)

    They're a team of 5 that depends on money to keep their games going if they take 2 years to make a new game and better they wouldn't earn much which is why they bring new simulators each year to mobile with new aircrafts most of the time it's 1 or 2 new aircraft and a few other features

    So you are telling that there are no future update regaarding the dynamics of aircraft? I mean what is the point that you simulate the door opening, but you cannot program the flight correctly? How you can call it a flight simulator if the hole flight is rule by the TOW and fuel on board? It's really a joke . I don t want to modify any file, I want to sit in the cockpit and program my flight correctly, this was the point of the thread. You cannot toggle from FMC a discontinuity from the route also. So if I make a FP with Sim Brief for ex I cannot use it, because the FMC is not implemented. I can pass the fact that you don t have a real weather , even so this was from the time of FSX that all the other flight sim have untill our days, but consider very serious an update at least for the fuel and FMC fully functional, because this is the basic of a flight simulator.

    I think you should appreciate what they do they're a team of 5 If I remember correctly that cna do great things for simulators it's hard to do things with only 5 people give them tkme it's not like you can change 1 code and the sim will be automatically the best Sim ever these things take times you need to Experiment with the codes to see which ones work and which ones don't