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    Will multiplayer be added eventually?

    Simulators like FSX have been able to provide multiplayer experience and ATC with a one time purchase (Of the app itself).

    IPACS team can maintain the servers since they generate revenue each year by releasing a new flight sim.

    The other players' planes, as seen by the user, can be less detailed to improve framerates.

    I have also suggested on how to implement ATC in an easy manner. Thanks!

    Here's two way to create multiplayer :
    1. self hosting - this is like minecraft, hosting different server and let people to join, this is good for private server and server are being hosted by player, so no cost are needed
    2. public hosting : aerofly will host the whole server, and everyone would join it, however, maintaining the server costs a lot of money so its impossible to make it free

    it would be great to let people make their own scenery/aircraft in PC and import it into iOS like how PC does

    maybe its impossible,maybe its possible too

    here one game that you can import mods even from android version,or PC version(of course RAM is a problem)

    but that would be great and default developer no need to became that tired