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    Include fps fix also for low end devices because rest of the planes work well except dash 8 and a320

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) I find the Engines start to fast and the Irs agline to fast.I saw other Videos form other Flightsims an the IRS is not so fast agline and the engine are not started so fast.I-Pacs can you change it?i would found it very cool :)

    Yes your right. In fact I am a flight sim airbus a320 pilot. It takes 10 mins to align the it's to navigation. Until then the off and the nd will show a red warning. Not only this also in airbus a320. This is for all airbus. In boeing the it's alignment is different. You put based on your spawned location.

    I think IPACS should update first every aircraft (like : Cold and Dark option for every plane) before making a new plane.

    Since the parts will take only 6 months to make a detailed model I suggest this dor them. If they want to make a new aircraft I suggest an example of a small aircraft like this. Yes of course I agree with you. Existing aircraft needs rework. But they need to optimize the lagging airbus a320 idk why it's lagging so horribly. Even the dash 8 also needs optimization. Other one's were working smoothly as normal.

    Hello guys how all are doing?

    I am doing well. So what do you guys think about the daher TBM 930/940 for the Aerofly fs2021? It takes only like 5-6 months to build this plane if in Aerofly quality. Want to see how the plane looks? Here is the pictures. I love to see this single engine turboprop aircraft for Aerofly fs 2021. Good for general aviation flying 😁😁🙂🙂. I've attached also how cabin looks so it will be helpful for the developers to model it well as real. All the best ipacs. Waiting for your update as soon as possible 😊😊!!

    I think its available in DLC in pc. It will be added soon i guess. Theres a possibility that nee York will be added one thing they need to fix is the fps issues. Because in pc once when i used aerofly pc it was chopping in fps.

    dear sir

    I didn't notice this issue so long but now i now noticed a major issue. If you're a livery maker you'll know about this:

    As you can notice like this i found some liveries are not made properly like

    Cathay Pacific should be like CATHAY PACIFIC

    There should not be no capital letters

    Secondly swiss a320 is messed with swiss international airlines logo on the top and then on winglet the flag should not be large.

    Air new Zealand should also be in caps like AIR NEW ZEALAND.

    Some liveries guys if you find in the game if its wrong just summit here...



    yeah well NYC has been mentioned to be quite hard to model in mobile, I think simply cos there are so many buildings in downtown New York that it would be so memory-intensive and cause a lot of lower-end devices to simply give up. Anyway I’m hoping the next region is the Pacific Northwest and 3D buildings for Phoenix and Tucson. (Existed in 2020 but were removed when Arizona was made into hi res scenery)

    I see but they can optimise. Imagine the how would x plane struggle to load it the new york I was barely getting 25-30 fps in ipad and mobile went to 7. But if Aerofly adds this new york region it would be nice one thing they should be optimised.

    You can enter a destination but only if it's close by. If it's far away the nav tile is not loaded, that's why it's currently only working for short distances or using the navigation menu. Once the destination is set it should be possible to continue as normal

    but can you fix this in the next update because I usually do flights from fmc instead of using flight planner...

    Just outside the Swiss detailed scenery.

    my bad didn't notice it. But even though imagine if they add it for pc and mobile it would really sound more better. I love flying over Europe regions especially near Swiss and France.... I hope ipacs didn't forget new York its there for pc neither Android nor ios has it 😕

    I'd say Japan or any East Asia region should be a top priority. With Japan, we can more realistically fly other liveries, such as Vietnam, AirAsia, Air China, ANA, China Eastern, and Citilink's A320s, ANA's three A380 liveries, and more.

    The Hawaiian Islands would be great as well. We could do 5-hour flights from the West Coast to Hawaii.

    France would be cool. Right now flying between the UK and Switzerland passes through a large area with unfinished textures.

    Yes because it's my natives country and I would like to fly near blagnac to see the Airbus museum if ipacs adds them in the French region pack....

    Hello guys!

    Hope all are doing fine. I would like to see more sceneries ever the east of the world. In Europe I would like to see the following regions in the coming updates:



    Czech republic


    And in East side it lacks we didn't yet experience flying near asia in aerofly ever even in pc I checked theres also no dlc sceneries either... So I would suggest some places which are more popular in East side of the world in the coming updates:









    These sceneries would be cool if they are added

    What's your opinion you can also add your scenery wishlist here also.....




    Sadly I don’t enjoy Aerofly anymore because of this. And as I really don’t see any performance improvements with this update, I would like to have the old drawing distance back. It looks even worse at cruising altitude as you can see in these pictures:

    I’d like to ask if anyone else experiences any performance improvements with this update, cause as I said there was no performance improvement for me.

    Possibly my lagging just now got fixed I found why my android was lagging it was because of the custom rom that to in android 11. I gave back to default stock rom I got back my performance and fps back. Af 2021 is now running smoothly..

    And also another good news my ipad 2020 ran af 2021 in 50-60 fps

    wow a great idea now struck on my mind. This can really make more users active and encouraging

    You can keep on adding liveries per 3 months in the update to make user's active and it wont make us boring. Like I would say I as a amateur in Photoshop say it takes about 1-2 hours just to make a livery for a aircraft. So it should not extend time for painting about 10-15 liveries for at least a aircraft like a320 and dash 8 400. Provided why not 777 some more liveries would be amazing for 777 like star alliance (ana),Korean Air,japan airlines,air india etc...

    That's a amazing idea what I really got in my mind. I understand that 3ds model making takes more time provided adding animated and real moving parts + study level cockpit takes more time due to many people needed to finish this. I understand the development team is a small team but they give best at last... But liveries you can allow also users to also create liveries. This can make game more and more amazing and interesting. I hope my idea works I'm not saying for sake of rfs since they are having that feature. I saying for the users who are feeling bored or need to wait for 7-9 months for next update for the game...