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    I think mAli GPUs are not good or meant for gaming. For intensive games adreno or power vr is the best GPU for android. iOS no need to bother what your processor is. At least 2gb ram needed to run Aerofly keep on your mind. Close all apps if necessary, as for android I would say af 2020 is better than af 2021 which I've tested in iOS device. If you all are feeling uncomfortable to run Aerofly fs 2021 then manage with af 2020. My phone was lagging with a320 provided my tablet horribly lagged. Phone was giving 8-10 fps Weras tab gave 3. Other planes were working perfectly in tab dash 8 and a380 wasn't optimised. So in general I would say in simple words. Don't game with Mali GPU. As that GPU isn't designed to run ultra quality games.

    Hello ipacs team, I want to congratulate you because the performance in aerofly 2021 is wonderful .. The game flows better ... Than the 2020 version ... Something strange happened to me, with high graphics it flows better than with low or medium graphics, It is a mistake? I hope and it is the incredible optimization with android devices .. Thank you very much 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✈️

    Yeah just yesterday I got a update packed on 5 mb I think it's the optimization update and now the complete aircrafts are giving a decent fps now I don't need to complain about the laginess. But still a320 lags a bit not so much as previous version had. So 3cheers for aerofly fs 2021 now I can resume flying 😀😊✌️

    Dear sir

    I've installed the recent update just now and I thought that a320 and a380 will run smoother in my sdm 660 mobile. But things are more miserable it's lagging like anything. Other planes are working fine smoothly. But I faced extreme lag issues after the recent update also. So can you optimize the gauges for the airbus aircrafts especially they are giving very poor fps like 8-10 weras others run decent 30-45 fps rate like king Air c90, recently added ec-135 (which got optimizations update). Here are my settings if you would like to know:

    Graphics settings:high

    Fps limit: negative

    Pixel density:100%

    So let me know wether you can optimise these chipset like Snapdragon 660 which are a part of High end processors.

    It's very easy to say. But when we work with that we feel that we need to spend more than 24 hours a Day. You and I think it will be easy to make aircrafts using 3ds max. But the experts know how much time it takes to scale and make the whole model. Let's be patient so that we can get more amazing stuff's in future 😊

    What if they are sliding from the A320-200 to the A320neo!!?

    Did it start with skarklets on the A320-200?

    Ah you got there. They may be doing that. Frist before that one question what about iae engines which is a missing caption for the a320? And if so for neo is it going to be CFM leap engines or PW 1000g engines?

    I think we can simplify the flying course to add more things.I would like to ask who seriously completed the flight tutorial task, I learned to fly A320 or through YouTube video learning, do not want to lose another phoenix city

    If you want to learn to fly a320 easy way. If you have flight simulator in your pc like fsx. Just take aerosoft a320 which is a member for ipacs actually that has from cold dark start you can easily learn

    Is right. I just checked that in high graphics the cockpit reads well .. But the performance has a bit of lag ... I will have to have a better phone to be able to play with high graphics ... By the way ... I have version 20.21. 11 .. Is that the final version? A question in my play store purchase history does not appear aerofly 2021 .. I was a beta test user then I left the program ... Then I searched for aerofly 2021 and it appears as purchased .. But in my history aerofly 2021 does not appear as a purchase .. What could happen? Is the Aerofly2021 that I have on my phone the beta or the final version? Here is a screenshot .. There is no red legend below the name of the application saying that it could have faults and neither does the double icon of aerofly 2021 appear in my applications .. So I already have the new public update ...? How do I check if I really buy aerofly? Or beta test users .. Get the game for free?

    Friend. If you have lagging issues like that or your phone is not handling the high settings do the following:

    Navigate to Android/obb cin.ipacs.....2021 there inside. There will be a file name highres delete it because of that serial high resolution my phone hanged a lot and gave 6-7 fps

    If you want to buy a new device then I suggest try rog 2. King of android phones

    I want to take the opportunity to make a suggestion, valid for both the PC and for Android and Apple.

    It would be GREAT if we could choose the quality of the panel separately from the scenario/terrain. In my case, for example, to be able to run well on my machine I have to put the options in low quality, which does not bother me, except the panel. For those who fly more IFR as well, the quality of the scenario does not matter much. Think about it. ;-)

    A good Idea would make this game to run on every android devices even 2gb ram and don't need to sick with fps issues

    THe Idea of my suggestion for a new graphics options would be helpful here is it:

    Terrain textures résolution : 1=512*512 low

    2=1024*1024 med

    3=2048*2048 high

    4=4096*4096 ultra-

    - (Only for high end)

    Max vc texture resolution : low : 512

    Med: 1024


    Ultra: 4096( I don't know whether it can handle this setting for mobile due to hardware)

    Instead of that pixel density in scale they can add anti ailasting option which will solve half of the problems in fps for android. I know all android phones can't handle anti ailasting due to hardware designed to be a bit decent. Not like iOS but so powerful.

    Clouds is where you get a big slap of fps even in pc. Like they can add soft clouds with 1024 resolution scale which will look amazing. The existing clouds doesn't look good it looks like pc x plane clouds in default. But overall this idea would help them or they can do the following:

    -Optimize the cockpits (by removing unwanted effects)

    -new sky colours which will be fps friendly ones

    -new clouds layer (fps friendly ones)

    -lower the cockpit resolution image( not that wordings in the cockpit I meant)

    -i Don't know why Vulcan lagged in android. But that graphics api has a big future for all ultra modern games. It should make fps smoother. Remember once android got Vulcan and had a problem in fps and developer removed it.

    So this idea would work out if you have any ideas you can also share about them here ☺️

    In the beta test it said that for aerofly 2021 to appear again to buy it should take a few hours ... I'm waiting ... Since the beta version does not have the clearer cockpits update to read the instruments, I also want to have the final version not a beta version ... hopefully administrators can guide me

    Mm ok if it's still showing purchased even if you leave from beta you no need to pay it again. But if it shows money then pay for your comfort. But sadly not optimized well for android. It's not really smooth not just like fs2020 this one is at least optimised for Snapdragon processor. Actually Snapdragon chipset are the beast and flagship chipsets than other chipsets in android. 😔