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    Hey guys AF 2022 is excellent and I’m really enjoying it, was wondering if anyone’s found any cool helipads such as Schilthorn (on top of a mountain). VA medical centre was really cool to simulate HEMS missions in AF 2021 anything similar found yet ?

    It goes back to "download for free" (after looking on the map). If you press that, it goes through the purchase process ("Double click to get" and "Face ID") it then recognises that item has already been purchased through the store and pops up with " Would you like to get it again for free " - if you press okay it says thanks for your purchase and goes straight to installed, without actually downloading anything, pretty much the same as the restore purchase issue.

    In-App Downloads - If you delete the app once you have the maps downloaded (for me it was - Swiss, UK, S Florida) when you download the app and restore purchases, regions automatically says "Installed" with no downloading. The "installed" content does not show up on the Map/Location. when you go back to regions after looking, all regions go back to "download for free".

    iPhone 11/IOS 14.2/30GB Free Space

    loving the new game and well done on the launch ! Regions seems to be the biggest issue at launch for me at least, I'm sure this is just a launch issue, keep up the good work !

    I’m having an issue where the Swiss DlC is stuck on “downloading”, Running on an iPhone 11, iOS 14.2, 30 GBs free storage. I’ve deleted and re downloaded the game but still the same problem. Got a refund on the DLC with the intention to re-buy but it’s still stuck on “downloading” spoke to the devs who are trying to work out the issue, they’ve told me to get a refund from Apple, Apple have said I’m not worthy of a refund (classic Apple). Anyone got any ideas/remedies ? Love the game, just wanna be flying the EC135 around Europe !!