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    I optionally have a more realistic time in my developer build but I almost never turn this option on and I think a lot of users wouldn't appreciate having to wait for 7+ minutes before they can start to taxi.

    If you want to you can edit the FullAlignmentTime value in the a320.tmd (I hope that property is called that, going from memory here...). It's the time in seconds. You can also increase the time for the display self tests to a more realistic 25-30 seconds if you want to.

    This may become an aircraft specific option at some point in the future but I can't make any promises.

    Engines on the a320 also start up faster than normal. Perhaps this can be changed? Making start times similar to the real world wouldn't be as extreme as having to wait 6 minutes for the irs to align.

    I forgot to add this, but sometimes the top of decent marker is there, but moves at the same rate the plane does, so I never cross the marker. I flew the 777-300er, and it also had this problem, not just the a320.

    Some time after I reach cruise altitude on the a320, the pfd shows "DECELERATE" even though I am nowhere near the top of decent. When I try to descend to a lower altitude, and lower my speed, the message still does not go away. Before the update, the top of decent was clearly shown in the navigation display, but now, It usually isn't there. Am I doing something wrong, or am I not getting something? I didn't have any issues with the a320 before the update.