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    downloaded version 9.0.15 from the App Store today in the hope it would fix some of the bugs I spotted and duly reported, but nope.

    Now RC9 just doesn't want to start anymore... trying to open produces a short flash, a lateral move of a clean finder window, and a return to the previous normal finder presentation :cursing:

    Should have, as usual, kept the bugged but working app for another 6 months before trying to upgrade...


    I'm quite an experienced Mac user, running 11.6.1 Big Sur on a 2018 Mac mini with a 3.2 Ghz 6-Core Intel... and no, restarting did not help, nor did trashing and reinstalling RC9 ;(

    Assuming that anybody from IPACS read this, here's my Feedback on Aerofly RC 9 for Mac

    My interest was to learn the basics of 3D flying when I started with version 7 a few years ago. Having luckily progressed some in the meantime, I now use Aerofly RC 9 exclusively for 3D training. Since I only fly airplanes, and only those that are 3D able, I could say I'm only using 5% of the capabilities of the sim...


    - upgraded from RC 7 to 9, was expecting more new airplanes. Missing are 3D capable electric airplanes in the 1.5 to 2.5m category. Pity since it is a very popular category, witness all ExtremeRC and Pilot airplanes flying in real. The development seems to have been made towards drones (having robots fly is not RC flying ;) ), and the rest of the "toys", pity.

    - bug#1: quitting then restarting the program, one is presented with the basic version of the airplane used before, but not the same variation (aerobatic, etc.) as when the program was quit

    - bug #2: the cursor (the black one) stays visible all the time, and has to be pushed on the side of the screen


    - auto resolution. Using RC 7 on my Mac Mini, I had to change the monitor resolution since the graphic cards wasn't powerful enough. This is done by the program now

    - stunning Addiction model

    - very nice Veloxity model

    - flight physics seem to have improved slightly (or is it my flying?)

    All in all an expensive "upgrade" (no rebate coming from RC 7) for very little improvement. Still, considering my specific use, and no alternative available, just about ok.