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    Gran Canaria Lv 9-15 by Quack0815 is my favorite scenery to fly VR in FS4. It's so enjoyable. The Canary Islands have held a special place since flying the freeware from Spain HD in Xplane 11. Having access to the other islands in FS4 with similar quality would be great. If anyone can make that happen, I'd definitely throw you some support!

    Anyone having a more specific tutorial on how to get this to work? :)

    I already own a copy of ATC-Chatter :)

    I'm not sure what else I can add specifically. You're basically running the ATC Chatter app independently from the sim and playing the sound files in background, setting them to wherever you are flying. That's why it is necessary as I mention in directions to unclick "only play chatter when your COM1/COM2 radio is powered up". So maybe a good first step is to follow the directions above and see if you can play the sound files on your pc without loading the sim. It's a pretty easy process, but I'm sorry if I didn't explain it well.

    For those of you who want to add a bit of realism to your flying, you can in fact use ATC Chatter for Aerofly. You just need to set it up manually. I have the program installed for xplane and msfs and I was trying to figure out how to use it in Aerofly since the company does not have a version for the sim. I simply open up the ATC Chatter program (either the MSFS or xplane version, whatever you had purchased in the past) and click on the settings>radios. I then unclick "only play chatter when your COM1/COM2 radio is powered up". I then click on the region where I'm currently flying and choose approach, tower, center, departure, etc. to load up those specific sound files I want to play. Since I fly in VR, I also ensure the audio device, for instance Oculus headphones, are clicked on in the settings>output device. That is all. It works fantastic and the sound clips play over the in-game engine sounds. Maybe others knew this was possible, but I did not. Hope it helps a few of you!


    It’s really something to behold in VR. It’s more dynamic then I could have ever imagined from Aerofly. I’ve always considered xplane as having the best lighting around sunset. It felt perfect and brought an unforgettable feeling to VR flight. But the lighting at sunset in FS4 at the very least duplicates that feeling, and I’d say tops it in many ways. This is especially evident in mountainous regions, where shadows take effect. I have them set to insane, and they really are. The fiery tones of the sun setting on the horizon, the pop of street lights from small cities and towns is amazing. It looks perfect guys. And reason alone to make the switch from FS2. I’m a believer.

    A few VR snapshots. Departure from Albertville, LFKA 18:50

    I posted this over at org but didn't get any confirmation. Just wondering if I'm screwing up the file structure or they legit don't work right now?

    The FS2 repaints are showing up to select in FS4 menu when I install them, but when doing so they do not show up in the sim upon loading. For instance, if I select a repaint for 172 that I installed, the standard paintjob shows up when the sim loads. I'm placing the repaint folders in corresponding aircraft folder. Is that correct?

    The beauty of FS2 is that most decent PCVR systems (say gtx1080 or better) can easily maintain 90FPS. No other flight sim can do this and the experience of a smooth 90fps is fantastic. If you haven't experienced this you don't know what you're missing imho.

    With FS4 in complex areas with a heli this is no longer achievable even with a rtx3090 unless you drop all graphics down to low, which then looks terrible. While thing look pretty good at 45fps fixed, you get a lot of building blur during fast turns (esp. with yaw). As long as that doesn't bother you that's great mate.

    That was a great aspect of FS2, that it could basically run on a potato. But 4080 cards are on the horizon. I think IPACS is justified in pushing the envelope with FS4. I honestly don’t notice any building blur. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. What I do notice is how crappy MSFS and Xplane look in VR compared to FS4 right at this moment. I’m so pleased with the sim’s performance, it’s like a dream come true.

    Ya, of course you can 1/2 your headset frame rate for improved performance. Try flying a heli around LA Heliports and you’ll notice lag and building blur. As long as you’re happy with this result that’s great though. Cheers

    I have never chased 90 fps in any flight sim in VR. I've always used forced 45 with tray tool and the visuals are stunning! I have used that setting in FS2, especially with the Hawaii mod, in xplane and msfs. No complaints! Even with 30fps you can get by in VR. I tried LA in the chopper and it ran solid. Everything looks fantastic. That's just my experience though. Good luck!

    I can report with a 3080 I can fly stutter free in VR with Quest 2 with everything set to ultra and VR graphics settings at 1.25 in cities and 1.50 in the country. But the catch is I cannot do this without using Oculus Tray Tool application set at forced 45. I’m not bragging about my set up by no means, but if anyone is having trouble with stutters and using a Quest 2 with a beefy card, try using the tray tool. It works wonders.

    I have to give credit to the IPACS team. I’ve installed the full update and the sim looks absolutely stunning in VR. Despite the lack of fanfair by the larger flight sim community, I can confidently say that neither xplane or msfs can touch the visual quality and pure enjoyment I’ve experienced with FS4 in VR. The addition of a functioning navigational map in the cockpit, and improved night lighting and scenery resolution gets me really excited for the future of the sim. Anyone that says the sim looks outdated is just not paying attention to what has been accomplished here, especially with VR flight. There are places I’ve flown that have tricked my brain into thinking it was the real deal. I love the injection of automated planes and all the other mission/career features. People will eventually catch on and maybe even some of the flight sim community YouTubers will upload videos showing how good VR looks. If they don’t, screw them! They probably are shills anyway. Please keep going! Please keep listening to your fans and making incremental improvements. You guys have done a phenomenal job so far!

    The Hawaiian Islands are the premier, numero uno community build for FS2 that deserve to be transferred over in its entirety to FS4. Is this something that will soon be possible? These are the types of questions that keep me up at night.

    Excited to see what you guys can accomplish. I checked out the beta briefly and was really happy to see the integration of lights. And I’ve heard there could possibly be VR tablet for navigation. Another great step forward.

    I’d love for you also to consider how to motivate FS2 addon developers to bring over all those great planes to be compatible with FS4. We should send out a petition or something for fans to sign to submit to these developers. Please consider something on this front! I’m eagerly awaiting the additional updates and hope you keep the momentum moving forward. The sim has so much potential and looks beautiful in areas that are covered by IPACS and/or community.