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    Hey it’s my hometown. But I’ve noticed something that makes me laugh, FS4 has done a wonderful job adding some features on the island that only locals would care about, notably the Montauk Lighthouse and smokestacks in Port Jefferson and Northport. I haven’t seen this is any other sim! :)

    I would be forever grateful to anyone that maps in and cultivates Block Island, the tiny island off the tip of Long Island. Hopping there and back to NY would be a lot fun!

    Any idea why this might be happening? I have to compensate for it the whole time flying. I tried resetting everything. No wind, etc. If I level out and take hands off yoke plane rolls left again. Happens with all planes. I'm using saitek flight yoke.


    I’m enjoying the new simulator in virtual reality. Especially now that I have found that setting render scaling option at 1.5 is feasible and greatly improves the visual quality. One benefit of using a 3080. But another thing that would make flying in VR so much more enjoyable is being able to access the map. Is there any way to get the navigation map to pop up in the headset while flying a set route? Can I map it to hotas? Or is this impossible? I only seem to be able to turn on the green waypoints which is not great for immersion. I just would like to be able to hit a button and have the map pop up especially when flying in the Cessna.

    Another item that I hope we can have is stronger lighting. Close to ground the lighting looks pretty good at night. If there is a way we can pump up the volume at 3,500 ft. it would look fantastic. Right now night flying is really lackluster because of this.

    Thank you!

    The Grand Canyon seems to have less quality image resolution than in FS2. Can this be fixed? I do have USA installed and I’m using 3080 with everything ticked to the max. But flying a chopper low and slow in the canyon definitely shows that FS2 resolution is far superior. In the new version, when flying in the canyon, some areas are a blurry mess and some are clear and perfect.

    To me, this was one of the most amazing VR experiences in FS2, so to see that degraded is painful.

    I had no clue about 3d water existing in previous versions. That is def interesting and it should be addressed on why it went away. I'm not bothered much by not having it, but the street lights are a huge factor. I mean, if I can sit at my pc for a few days and tap in the lighting say for NY/NJ region using some tool and make it available as freeware addon, you'd think we can get it out the box? It is 2022. Are we asking that much?

    The third party work for FS2 propelled the sim and likely drove sales for a few years. I hope IPACs does good by the community and makes damn sure all those outstanding contributions are compatible at some point. You look at that catalogue of work, such as the Hawaiian Islands and integration of so many cool features such as animated traffic etc. while IPACS was pressing the snooze button and you can clearly see that's the reason some of us have stuck around and supported this sim. Don't drop the ball on this one in FS4. Show the fans you care!

    You did express exactly a hell of a lot more (understandable) annoyance with the perhaps inappropriate contributions than I did🥴

    I wish the moans would not swamp out interesting stuff, why can they not post in a solely Bitching Thread?

    Because that would be preaching to the choir. It's much more effective to bitch where the tone deaf are more inclined to hear it. And it might even lead to some constructive conversation. I for one would be bored senseless contributing to a thread where everyone agrees with you on the shortcomings of a flight sim. I don't think anyone is purposedly hijacking an update thread here. Hey, I welcome more updates! And if you guys decide on creating a thread for fans to voice grievances or complaints that are off pudding, can you please label it the "bitching thread"? This would be a fantastic way to rally the troops and keep people interested in Aerofly.

    I check back here often. I'm eagerly anticipating the next version. I'm cool with waiting. I know the team is hard at work. And I understand it's a small team at that. I will gladly support their efforts, despite feeling a bit frustrated at times. But many will not. And that brings me to my point. IPACS would greatly benefit if they focus some of their efforts on improving their marketing and communications. It would take 1 or 2 talented people. In my honest opinion, and no disrespect to the team, the lack of clear presentation of roadmaps and consistent dialogue with loyal fans through digital platforms and channels that are not tucked away from prime demos, is a tremendous detriment to what they're trying to achieve, that being maintaining loyalty and generating new interest for the sim. This to me is a clear weakness, where strength is almost as critical to a successful launch as the development of the sim itself. Many have turned their back for this very reason, and others will follow if it's more of the same. Again, communication is critical, as is transparency and a strong show of appreciation for the community that has helped the sim thrive for many years when not much was taking place. I'm not saying it to cause anger or offend, I'm saying it because I love the sim. They need to get better at this if Aerofly intends to stay relevant. The sim will always have a special place in my heart for what it does well in comparison to the competition. I hope for a bright future. I really do!

    Thank you, this is extremely helpful. I will try this, maybe even on my block island build since I still have uncompressed toc files. I'm simply adding your code to the toc with appropriate exclusion coordinates?

    And is that with Vulkan or OpenGL?

    Can you please upload your tm.log, I guess we wont see much there since it's working and just behaving strangely. But worth a try.

    And does that happen with all aircraft?

    All aircraft. And I’ve had a few full reinstalls of the main sim and it’s occurred on each new install as well. With vulkan. Trying to exclude things it could be. I will upload log next time it happens. Thanks.