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    I've had a recurring issue that happens sporadically, maybe every 20 times I use the sim where I will be in mid flight or on runway and be teleported outside of plane near the wing or in passenger seat. Reloading the sim and switching planes does not resolve the issue. And I can't get back. The only thing that fixes this is to completely dump my documents FS2 folder, start the game vanilla. But then I also have to reintegrate all my addons which stinks. I can't pinpoint why this happens. Anyone have an idea?


    Do you know how it would be possible for me to have trees on my tiles if I have not placed any cultivation yet? This seems to be the problem I'm encountering working on Block island, RI. As I finalized and ran some quality control I've noticed trees on the beach and attempted to clean up and remove them with the scenery editor. After doing so, I still see trees on the beach. So I removed my cultivation from the scenery as to test what's going on. When I run the sim these culprit trees still remain all over the tiles. In fact, even when I remove the image tiles completely the trees are still on top of the island.....Where are they coming from? Thank you!

    *Upon further testing the trees are scattered all over undeveloped tiles in New England region. Can they possibly be connected to the NYC payware package? They are all over the coastlines and it seems if I were to develop an area like the Cape or Martha's Vineyard, I'd be stuck with them. If I'm wrong please let me know.

    Phil aka Spit40 is probably super busy with his project. Hopefully you get access soon, as FSCloudPort is a nice easy tool to use.

    Hello Tom, cultivation can be a fun hobby, yet it can be very tedious at times. As far as quality control/checks, if you are only running autogen buildings and lights, then there isn't much double checking other than to check and see if you are running the new IPAC Content Converter that automatically takes your data and compiles it into level 10 side grids. This drastically helps improve performance. For example, my New York City Lights addon from 2018 does not actually run with this format. However it still runs fine, as Aerofly is a very powerful engine.

    So typically when you take all of your OSM data and run the IPACs script through scenProc, it compiles all of the raw data into a TOC file. Which then can be opened and inspected. However, if you run those source TOC files through the IPACs content converter, it will then compress and optimize your large TOC files into significantly smaller TOC files, however, they will be encrypted and cannot be further edited. I've had TOC files from 300mb optimized down to 12mb give or take. This really helps when reducing upload sizes to

    Great, ok I've completed the compression as directed with preprocessor. Zip file is approx. 31mb. But still too large to attach? Also, a somewhat related question I've been saving the files uncompressed so I can review with the editor. I've been loading up the final compressed files in VR just to check, primarily the transition zone between your work and mine as I've noticed there have been some flickering buildings along this line. I've been combing and removing with editor. Strange thing is, I've done thorough work fixing these building (deleting the ones that are overlapping others) and when I compress and load up in sim they reappear as if I did not fix them. But the editor shows differently. Is this because the sim is not recognizing the newly revised files yet? Do i need to wipe cache or something? Sorry for long winded reply. I cannot message you. It alerts me you're already in too many conversations, I wish my work email had that feature. haha

    If you are interested and want to learn the fast and easy way. I would be more than happy to show you on a video call. Just send me a personal message.


    I am close to completing my first scenery, an extension of your NYC/LI build. I've continued cultivating to east end of LI with exclusion zone around most of LI's airfields. I'm hoping that once I'm granted access to cloud port I will try my hand at building a few of those. I was very thoughtful re. the transition boundary between your work and mine to ensure there was no overlap using Scenery Editor. Next I'm going to move on to Block Island and Martha's Vineyard. Anyhow, I'd love to share my work, but was wondering if there is any quality control or checks that can be done before I submit it? Also, even when I zip the files it appears they are too large to attach on here or Any help would be appreciated. And thanks for the inspiration to try this out for myself. It's a lot of fun. Even though it took me about a week to learn!

    Thanks Again


    IZ0JUB Also, if I do utilize this tool I fear I have to relearn the steps needed. For instance, I use the handy tool that converts FSET coordinates to TMC. Does that step still need to take place while using AeroScenery? This is so much fun, but also makes me crazy hahaha. I'm sorry, I do not have the technical knowledge yet but trying to learn and discover the path of least resistance to creating my sceneries.

    I've begun creating my own tiles and noticed for instance using FSET, that even at -2 download resolution the ground is still pretty blurry. But still, when comparing to most of the covered areas within the sim, the resolution seems to be mostly comparable. However, when I download addon scenery for a region like British Columbia, the resolution is mind blowing. Is this the developer adding masking to the tiles in FSET or ticking the download resolution even higher? I'm just curious as to how to make the ground texturing look as good as it does in BC. Thank you!

    So in other terms I followed "Cultivation Made Easy". Under Tutorial Requirements I click on link "Definition file used in tutorial" and download and unzip Aerofly_Rodeo.spc I then use scenProc and open up aerofly_Rodeo.spc and get those errors under "Create Af2 Plants" and "Create Af2 Buildings." I've messed around and deleted the Plants and Building script lines, and the errors went away. I clicked "Run" and made a successful Toc file that just had street lights. Maybe i'm just missing something so simple and right in front of me. Perhaps in time I will figure out how to get it working. Visual learner. Thanks for taking time.

    Late to the party, but this comment made me feel better about my own frustration (albeit 2 years later) in figuring out why the simple way is not so simple. I refuse to give up though. I'm encountering errors too and feel some sadness especially for those of us new and trying to learn that are spending hours following tutorials that have not been updated or flagged in some manner to ensure those of us that are green do not waste time trying to figure out why the scripts are causing errors in scenproc. If the scripts are no longer valid take them down, don't point to them, or at least inform people that they need to be updated in some way, It's hard enough to learn all of this, to have to go on a wild goose chase. But I remain determined!

    I've made progress in learning how to generate ortho tiles and now I would like to add cultivation. When I search for information on how to do it everything points to "cultivation the simple way" and rodeo's vid. However, the scripts when run with sceneproc are throwing errors with building, plants and points in polygon. I'm assuming the program has been updated and the scripts are no longer valid or need to be modified. I came across some info on adding zeros and what not to take care of the plant errors but can't figure out how to fix the rest of the errors. I'm trying to learn the ropes here so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll take whatever time is needed to learn the coding or how to generate my own script. I'm determined to do this, even if I lose my mind in the process. I just need someone to point me in the right direction on where I could gain this knowledge. I truly enjoy all the member generated content for this wonderful sim and would love to create and share my own. Thank you!

    I've tried this method and scenproc is throwing error messages with the script when I run it. I followed your file structure exactly as you diagram. Does this method still work? Is the script still good? Realizing this may now be somewhat outdated method (I'm unsure), is there a new method I should try? Ran into similar errors running rodeo's script. I've been losing my mind a little trying to figure this part out now that I have geoconvert squared and have my map data complete (which also almost put me on the funny farm). Thank you!