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    I tried the same thing at LOWI, much less rudder authority with the AFCS off.


    Hover the 135 with AFCS on at about sealevel. Pick a spot nearby or on the horizon. Kick in full left rudder. Once the spot goes through, take time. Do three spins around your own axis, will be about 6-7 seconds.

    Now do the same thing with AFCS off. I had about 11 seconds.

    Can the devs adress this please? Should I open a bugticket?

    The thing is, with AFCS on a 360° yaw takes about 2.5 seconds in each direction. With AFCS off, a left yaw while hovering out of the ground effect is not possible. A strong right yaw is possible, but nearly impossible to recover.

    Basically turning off the AFCS inflight at that altitude will lead to an uncommanded right yaw.


    I was taking off at Schilthorn / Switzerland with the EC135. It takes >40% on torque to lift off. Pretty much everything above 45% is not controlable with the rudder - the heli spins off to the right with left rudder fully depressed.

    Hi there,

    I've had Aerofly running fine with two 1920x1080 monitors. When I swapped one screen with a 3440x1440 screen, I realized Aerofly does

    not support this resolution. So I enlarged the window to fit it, I could fly for a while.

    But after closing Aerofly, it does not start anymore. The program starts, the icon in the taskbar is active, but there is no flightsim

    popping up.

    What can I do to get it running again (without the halfdaylong process of reinstalling via the DVDs ;) )?

    Thanks guys, I didn't know there are so many free alternatives available.

    For now, I go with LA and hop from building to building :)

    Hawaii is pretty, but about half of the helipads seem to either float

    above the ground or crash once my heli is set there. But still, it's free and

    the ones that are working look good.

    Is there any chance to install the extra scenery in the AF2 folder (DVD version)?

    My harddrive with Win10 on it is pretty much full.

    I'll check out more of the freeware scenery, perhaps I can find an

    oilrig or so.

    Hi there,

    it's hard to decide which scenery I should get for some heli-flying. Contenders are:

    1) Innsbruck

    2) Switzerland

    3) North East USA

    I've got 1 already for X-Plane. While I like it a lot, it seems a bit ridiculous to buy it again. 3 heliports included.

    2 looks okay on the airports, but boring once in the valleys. Also, I am not sure if there are any heliports?

    3 has how many heliports? Nice buildings, but it's all so grey... I like green scenery :)

    Any other suggestions?

    Hi guys,

    I like your sim a lot when it comes to helicopters and certain cockpits. Just got 2 or 3 hours, but counting :)

    The 172 looks very good, the FBW of the 320 feels right and the lighting of the cockpits is good (still being able

    to read the needles, which is not self-evident these days). I'm impressed!

    Still I noticed a few details which could need improvement and might not be to hard to fix. I've got some

    aviation background, worked as a betatester before and lots of hours in different sims.

    I plan to update this list, as I check out other things. I think AF2 can score as an IFR&procedure trainer with clean

    cockpits, good flightmodelling, high fps and high immersion.

    - RPM and MP interact; when lowering the RPM, the manifold pressure should rise, eg. from 30" & 2700 to 33,5" & 2000; a little

    wobble of indicators would increase immersion even further

    - stall of the B58 is weird. No warning sound and 20° pitch? It's done right in the C172

    - FD on Lear&Kingair (havent checked others) should be always on top, above the airplane symbol

    - TOT of the EC135 should be in 5° steps

    - contrast of the 7-segment displays in the C172 and B58 is low between lit&unlit segments. They are hard to read.

    While the lit-ones are luminent, the turned off ones could be darker.


    Good to know. I am a bit picky when it comes to certain details, but I think IPACS has done many things right

    which I won't find on other sims. I am new to AF2, but I have have pretty much every other available sim on my computer

    and a bit of real life experience too. Looking at the EC135, them IPACS guys know how to do cockpits :)

    Hi there,

    one thing I always wondered:

    The 737 cockpit seems to be of a 737-100 or -200, but external model is a -500.

    The -300 used to have analog instruments at first before switching to EFIS, but afaik

    the -500 never had analog instruments. Still, the -300 had different analog instruments

    (EPR, airspeed indicator..) to the -200, so I am pretty sure the cockpit in aerofly is of a -200.

    Besides the obvious (and very attractive question) whether there will be a -500 cockpit

    available one day, I wonder if anyone knows of a -200 external model with -200 flight physics?

    Thanks, Olli

    No answer from the devs? I'd like to start porting the VEMD to aerofly with the given data, but if I cannot expect any support to access the missing data, there would be no reason to start. Should I email the devs directly or make a ticket or...?

    Hi there,

    I'm new to aerofly2, I did not expect too much from it and got excited after what I saw.

    I wonder if it's possible to integrate external instruments like from Air Manager, here

    is the list of accessible&known variables:

    I wonder if there are plans to give access to all others (aircraft specific?) variables too.

    E.g. there are some EC135 gauges within Air Manager which are just waiting to

    get accessed by aerofly.