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    The aircraft could have aileron trim to counter the torque of the engine.

    I have checked tonight: I have recalibrated my radio with all trim to zero. Taken visa Ff3a standard. Ailerons trim to zero.

    Vertical up line: the models rolls strongly to the left. Vertical down line is ok. I have reduced the engine turns so that I have no effect from torque.

    Now the problem is on the vertical up line. Do you have any suggestions to solve the problem,. In this way it is almost impossible to fly


    Hi Cesare,

    Are the ailerons in a neutral position? I.e. is the aileron center exactly zero?

    Hi Jan,

    thanks for your response. I presume yes because in the normal flight models go straight.

    Furthermore If I take the standard version of these models I assume that ailerons are both in the center position, is not it?


    I have a problem about setting my airplanes: with both Visa and Spark F3a models, in the vertical down line, models rolls to the left. In vertical Up lines the same. I normal flight not any problem.

    I have tried almost everything moving both prop settings and aerodynamics Settings. I have also changed a couple of radios but the problem persist. Can anyone help me?