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    This is a lament and request all in one:

    Why aren't there any bush planes on RC-8? Or at least, there should be bush plane adaptations for those air frames that are commonly used.

    The DHC-6 Twin Otter, Piper Cub, or the P-6 Porter would be great STOL bush planes.

    Truthfully, I'd love to see some of the bush RC models recreated rather than scale fliers. After all, I'm in RC-8 for learning to fly RC, rather than full scale.

    So, I have the starter version of Aerofly 7 on my Macs. All works fine, but of course with all the limitations of AF7.

    I'm considering upgrading to the AF 7 Ultimate version for the extra $100, which of course has me wondering if I should just go for the AF-8 for $130.

    It appears that most of the same models are available in 7 Ultimate.

    Anyone care to share motivation to go 8, or equally good reason to stay with 7?

    I've wondered this as well, but with some experimentation, I've noticed an interesting thing.

    When you're view from a fixed location, your settings on the camera make a pretty big difference.

    Setting the camera to keep ground in view or not, and how much it zooms on your plane makes a pretty big difference.
    Things appear to move slower when your camera is following and zooming in on the airplane. If you stop the camera from following, but set the video the widest view of your flying area, things look and feel more comparable to scale.

    I wouldn't be surprised if VR also gives a different feeling depending on scenery and other settings.