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    FrankLFRS gave excellent advice to follow.

    Most real world operators land with that autobrake setting. The RETARD callout from the the synthetic voice is a reminder, not a command so of course you decide how/when you choose to reduce thrust to idle. As long as it's idle when the mains roll on, you're good.

    For autobrakes, there is a delay; to quote the infamous Airbus Notes by American Airlines Cpt. Eric Parks

    Autobrakes are available on Normal Brakes (Green system) only. Hold pb for at
    least one second. LO mode delays for 4 seconds after touchdown. MED mode
    delays for 2 seconds. MAX has no delay. Do not use MAX for landing, MAX is
    takeoff only (OM 3.12).

    So with that delay being kept in mind, you just need to wait for the autobrakes to kick in before selecting reverse.

    ***Also, a personal technique that works well for me every time with the MED autobrake setting is to select idle reverse when I see the MED autobrake annunciation light come on. 2 seconds after the mains rolling on, the autobrakes kick in at the MED setting. At this point, I would begin to lower the nose. This is what I do with most transport type aircraft landings. With the A320 reversers using pivoting doors, it creates significant drag, even at idle application. So instead of applying slight back pressure to gently bring the nose down, I just time the deployment of the reversers in sync with the autobrakes and deceleration rate for a nice touchdown of the nosewheel:)

    Happy landings

    Here's the Airbus Notes if you'd like:

    a) exactly, should be here Tuesday or Wednesday in that case

    b) u should check this forum every time u wake up, if the new game drops there will be an announcement like there was for 2020 and also 2020’s huge update from October with Arizona cold and dark a320 sids stars the ec135 etc. There will be a post by one of the admins or mods on here which will give u all the info u need about what is new and what may come in future updates

    i check app store then the forum-my new routine these days...

    Getting the an Embraer like the 175 would truly be a dream come through, since its of my favourite planes to fly on in real life and I would love to fly it in my favourite simulator also. I think it would fit the map perfect!

    Same, I'm in love with the 175. The extended winglets, the way the strobe light flashes, the shape of the nose, the unique "bicycle handle" yokes, etc.

    It fits perfectly into the current maps and future ones, I agree. It would also be the perfect study level (or close to) transport type jet for someone to start with!

    Well it’s December 6th at the time of writing. Should be released at some point next week (December 7th-13th) maybe halfway through the week after that (14th-21st). The aerofly game is always released before Christmas. As mentioned, we’ve waited a whole year for this game, it has a lot of expectations to live up to. But yes, hopefully if Apple approves it in time it will be released either next week or the week after that. I’m personally hoping it comes out next week, but maybe because I’m just that impatient 😆

    If I recall correctly, most previous Aerofly releases occurred in the secondish week of December. I've heard someone say that Apple employees won't be working on a Sunday, so the process will start/continue tomorrow on Monday.

    Big expectations = big excitement :)

    I check the app store every time i wake now lol

    When is it being released? That’s the million dollar question right there. I really hope for a new aircraft like the A350 or B737-800 but like some of you said that the E175 would be a great addition in the following months if IPACS does decide it

    to bring to the sim.

    I know that while the 738 is a popular request, it won't come anytime soon as they already have the 735. Why? Check out their explanation here: 737-500 instead of -800?

    I like Aerofly's mobile app particularly because of the unique aircraft we have functional flight decks and realistic physics, and just about every other mobile sim out there has the 738 available.

    But I definitely understand why you'd want that and the A350, both are superb aircraft with lots to learn about, and I respect your opinion on that :thumbup:

    Yep, I'd absolutely love to see add-ons become part of the game, but I know that Apple doesn't allow this anymore. Either way, still an excellent idea.

    I'm afraid there is no new passenger plane. I'm looking forward to the network flight and mobile ground service system.But the fact is that the function that the computer does not have is not necessarily available on the mobile side, and I am very anxious. Because this is a completely new version,

    Yep, no new aircraft for this version (at least not yet). By ground service, if you mean pushback tugs and all that, we don't know for sure. I do know however that this question was brought up previously, and the mods said that they will take their time when working this stuff out. They like to get it right the first time.

    See their explanation here: RE: Different engines for different liveries on the 747.

    Well I’m hoping for the Florida region to come in aerofly 2021 because i love Miami i want to be able to fly in a sunset over Miami it would be very relaxing and awesome so hopefully it makes its way over as well

    Florida is #1 on the wishlist for new scenery (I have flown out of Florida airports for the majority of my life) , but we're likely to see the Pacific Northwest this time, with future releases moving Eastward. Just my predictions.

    New Regions

    I'm really looking forward to whatever they are, assuming it's more than one new region.

    Although the PC version doesn't have it, I'm hoping for some Asian region such as Japan so we have a place to realistically fly the ANA, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Vietnam Airlines, AirAsia, Citilink, and Air China A320 liveries.

    That'd be cool, I wouldn't mind flying in a foreign countries. It would make for an interesting experience. Plus, no other mobile sim would offer those regions in such high detail...

    Yes, no worries, FrankLFRS had an excellent response.

    First of all, the IPACS team has done this several times. This isn't their first rodeo, and they know what to expect. Worst case scenario is that there is slight delay. If we waited a whole year, a week or two won't hurt.

    But even that is very unlikely to happen. We're more likely find a hound dog with a cowboy hat riding an asteroid into Alaska than such an event occurring :D

    But in all seriousness, don't worry!

    Even if the E175 doesn’t come out immediately, I sure hope they do add it sometime this year! I think it’s perfect for the regions we have right now since there’s plenty of regional flying going on in the western part of the US.

    YES. E-175 is #1 on my wish list, and I'd hope to see it added as it fits the current available regions (as you've stated).

    Actually yeah that’s a thing to consider. After the a320 cold and dark update with Arizona sids stars etc my iPhone XR was barely able to run aerofly 2020 without lagging slightly. I’m hoping that my current 2018 iPad will be able to run the new game, before I have to get a replacement

    My iPad version (1st gen 12.9 inch) ran 2020 alright. When using the exterior views it would lag sometime, but other than I didn't encounter many issues. Hoping that we'll be able to keep up...

    Unless they can implement a global on demand download of sceneries to keep storage issues on mobile i think selling more packages like switzerland is the way to go. That way we might get less to fly but the quality is way higher and I would rather have that than a pancake ‘world’ like the competition...Switzerland for example is mind blowing on a mobile device. Unless your device has more space you can still upload and remove regions if needed to free up space according to your flight plan. Otherwise the game is perfect as it is. Wish for landing lights, push back, night lights like Denver. Thanks Ipacs!

    Yes, in the long term this will be an issue as AFS 2020 already met the 4 GB limit for an application to be approved. So having data "streamed" while playing, or prior to playing will a possible solution as time goes on and the IPACS team continues to work on Aerofly. Or, having seperate regions to download for offline flying; or perhaps purchasing regions as needed to keep the initial purchase price low.

    Either way, we'll find a solution. It won't be perfect at first, but we'll get to a solution no doubt. And that bridge will be crossed when we get there.

    Oh yeah, I’m thinking the feature is cold and dark on the 777 and 747 👀 but yeah also hoping for proper pushback, the PNW scenery is most likely coming, I also hope Arizona gets HD scenery as well. We will have to see next week as the game will probably drop in the next week, week and a half 🤔

    I am gonna explode from excitement if it's another week lol. Super pumped for the new release

    I'd be suprised to see features or content that go way beyond desktop, as they mentioned they share more or less the same code. So, getting the same official scenerys e.g. those offered on Steam would already be great. Saying that, we have the A380 in mobile, but not on desktop, so, who knows...

    Interesting, TIL that mobile has the A380 while the PC version doesn't. How about that ^^

    All mobile flight sims seem to be following the trend of "syncing" with desktop applications as best as possible, but I firmly believe that Aerofly will do this the best. As seen before, they take their time with things, and with mobile devices getting more powerful, it will only get better. But as we already know, patience is what we need :)

    Yeah well I think we should get the PNW in this release as the devs have mentioned it before, I’m not sure what new aircraft they have brought in, especially with corona meaning they can’t go and photograph real aircraft as easily. Also like Ishrion im hoping for HD Arizona scenery and jetways to come back at airports cos they got removed in a recent iOS patch

    Yep, you were on to something in regards to planes alright; FrankLFRS confirmed that no new planes will be added, instead new features & regions. And regions is plural, so I wonder what if we get multiple regions added at once, or possibly some regions brought in from the PC version.

    I'm really hoping for the E-175 or CRJ-200/700/900. It would cover a ton of routes with the regions we already have.

    Also hoping for Arizona to get HD scenery.

    I agree; the E-175 is my #1 spot on the "Aerofly Wish List" so to speak. It fits the current available map so well.

    I wonder how scenery will work with this new app? There is a 4 GB limit on the app store, so maybe the sceneries will be download in packages, or it will be streamed? I don't know for sure, but as Aerofly grows it will need to work around the 4 GB constraint somehow.

    I'm hoping to see Florida scenery as I live there, but realistically I expect to see the Pacific-Northwest added in next.

    I don't mind paying 10 dollars or more, the game is worth it .. It's incredible .. It has a lot of quality .. It is the best flight simulator for phones, I hope that the new version of aerofly 2021, has new regions to fly, especially android devices, ios has the region of Switzerland, hopefully this version android devices we can fly in Switzerland, we also want new planes, I have a wish list, boeing 737-800 NG, boeing 787 dreamliner, boeing 737 max, airbus 320 neo , airbus 321 neo, airbus a330, airbus a350, crj1000, crj900, embraer e195, airbus 220, Atr 600, TBM 930 ...

    I agree, the value of the game will be worth it. No subscriptions, just a one time payment. It's a system that makes it much preferable over the other sims. And I agree, it's the best platform for mobile devices.

    For aircraft, I have an extensive wishlist too, but they are a smaller team, and they don't rush their products (which is why the quality is so high). I know that they don't plan on a 738 anytime soon because it would be too much to redo, and it would be like building another plane from scratch when considering the differences between the -500 and -800.

    My immediate wish is the Embraer 175. I'd also hope in the future to see A320 variants come out (318-321), as it make "flying the line" seem much more realistic. I'm also hoping to see rain.

    Either way, I may dream all I want; the IPACS team works hard, and I know that I will be able to appreciate the new release!

    Well, it's now official, a new version of Aerofly FS will be released "real soon" (in the words of admin). See my prior thread here: RE: Aerofly FS 2019 Deleted and FS 2020 Price Change?

    What do you think about the new release? What new sceneries, aircraft, and other features do you expect to find in this newer version of Aerofly? How do you feel about FS 2019 being removed, as some say that it served those with less powerful devices? There's a ton to unpack from this news and I'm excited to discuss it! ^^