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    It seems that the wind flag indicator on the down left of the Nav Display is oriented in the inverse direction. Force flags should indicate where does the wind come from.

    Verified with the Xplane Rotorsim EC135 version where it is correctly oriented.

    Don't know if it was already reported. Perhaps for a future update.

    Thanks. ;)

    Hi, discovering Aerofly FS2 and flying the EC135 (and so on XP11) for a few weeks now.

    Pretty fabulous I must say.

    Coming from XP11, I'm just a bit confused with Aerofly with the preset views.

    I have an hardware cockpit but actualy no VR.

    I'm wondering how to obtain a view where, during initial checklist, it will be possible to view at the same time the overhead panel (switching the buttons: Fire, CMD, Warn, Xfer pumps) and observing the result on the CAD.

    Tried to calibrate the preset view 1 or 2 but no way to view the main panel and the OHpanel at the same time.

    Reading the posts, it seems that, with helos in Aerofly, saving views or modifying them in TMC or TMD files is impossible.

    So, for non VR users who wants to do a proper cold and dark checklist:

    1 - can we expect to have in an update a view, mixing overhead and main panel ?

    2 - question to VR users: with a VR headset, can you manipulate the overhead switches, seeing the CAD and VEMD ? (in which case, I must consider to buy an HP Reverb !!)

    Many thanks.