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    Oh that's great. I managed to fix the IRS alignment and engines myself so far, by digging through the files. I'm currently working on a more realistic IRS simulation - the ON BATT light appears. Any chance I could get my hands on that developer build?

    What exactly do you want to modify?

    Because I spent dozens of hours making the FBW as realistic as possible.

    And the 737 doesn't even have a fly by wire, so what does that have to do with it?

    For a start, I have noticed that the engine start times and IRS align times are quite unrealistic, also there is functionality missing in the MCDU, like holds. Would It be possible to change/implement these things as a mod?

    Is it possible for the A320's systems to be modified in order to create something similar to the FBW A320 in MSFS or Zibo 737 in X-Plane? I'd really like to know before I start digging. Or may I borrow the 3D model for the cockpit and exterior to make my own aircraft mod?