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    Lately, I have started to cultivate some Belgian airports in FS2. I was looking for some realistic buildings and found many nice ones made for X-plane... This made me start using Worldeditor which is really the best ‘ all in one’ tool I have seen!

    I managed to use it for adding buildings in FS2 with ModelconvertX (MCX) as intermediated step.

    WED (worldeditor) exports as .dsf which Modelconvert X reads and exports a complete FS2 scenery file with the objects and textures and .tsc file. The later you can edit as you wish as it is a text file.

    It would be great and of great benefit for IPAC to make a similar editor. Such a petty we have to keep on working with small SDK tools , script files etc.

    I prefer to import the .dsf file using the object importer of MCX as it will export all individual objects in stead of one big object holding all buildings. This can cause issues with the position height in the scene...

    A petty, though you can’t use WED to create the runways as this cannot be imported in FS2.

    - objects are positioned on a googlemaps alike background, no need to generate it yourself

    - easy access to objects in library with 3d preview

    - objects are postioned with real top view render and not a simple block. So you see immediately the right position

    - easy to rotate and move.

    - a lot of additional tools ( unfortunately not for use with FS2)

    Note: you need to have x-plane installed (eg. demo version) to make use of WED. Also ask permission to the owner of the objects if you can share them.

    Hi, any idea when we can expect an update on mac (app store) of aerofly FS2 similar to the steam version? It includes eg. the EC135 helicopter and others...

    It seems we are lacking behind here :(



    Hi , I agree the basic FS2 version is rather poor, especially if you are living in Europe. On the other hand there are already quite some good tools around when you start looking around :) Especially the Aeroscenery tool is great ! It allows you to create your own texture based on bing or google maps with different resolutions.

    Secondly, you can create your own elevation maps using geoconvert which is part of the SDK tools.

    Last but not least you can get access to quite some ready made airports using the following link:

    I recently gathered/created most data for Belgium. It makes already quite a difference. I will share it the coming weeks.


    Stefan (also new to FS2)

    Please find attached the latest data from my TM.log during the Apache loading procedure.

    28.72-tmsimulator: loading model 'apache': name='apache' folder='/Users/stefanvandemaele/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft/apache/'\

    28.72-tmmodelmanager: model: (name='apache') (directory='/Users/stefanvandemaele/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft/apache/')\

    28.72-tmmodelmanager: loading configfile '/Users/stefanvandemaele/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft/apache/apache.tmc'\

    28.73-tmmodelmanager: contact points 3: (-9.748 -0.000 -2.203 r=0.165) (1.126 1.031 -2.051 r=0.320) (1.126 -1.031 -2.051 r=0.320)\

    28.74-tmmodelmanager: option folders 1: (/Users/stefanvandemaele/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft/apache/)\

    28.75-tmmodelmanager: filename apache.tmb\

    29.72-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics begin 'apache'...\

    29.74-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'GPSNavigationSystem.OutputNextWaypointElevation' not found\

    29.74-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'NAV1Frequency.Set' not found\

    29.75-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'NAV1Frequency.Set' not found\

    29.75-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'NAV1Frequency.Set' not found\

    29.75-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'NAV1Frequency.Set' not found\

    29.76-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'LightingPilotFlood.Output.Output' not found\

    29.77-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'LightingPilotFlood.Output.Output' not found\

    29.77-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: object 'HSIDistanceStrength' not found\

    29.77-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'HSIDistanceStrength.Output' not found\

    29.79-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: object 'APUN1' not found\

    29.79-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'APUN1.Output' not found\

    29.79-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: object 'CoPilotDoorPosition' not found\

    29.80-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: property 'CoPilotDoorPosition.Output' not found\

    29.81-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: error loading tmd file 'apache'.\

    29.88-tmmodelmanager: model: (name='c172') (directory='aircraft/c172/')\

    29.88-tmmodelmanager: loading configfile 'aircraft/c172/c172.tmc'\

    29.89-tmmodelmanager: contact points 3: (0.240 1.268 -0.923 r=0.212) (0.240 -1.268 -0.923 r=0.212) (1.924 0.000 -1.079 r=0.193)\

    29.90-tmmodelmanager: option folders 1: (aircraft/c172/)\

    29.91-tmmodelmanager: filename c172.tmb\

    30.89-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics begin 'c172'...\

    31.17-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics end: (id=1) (692 dynamics) (738 graphics) (172 sound) (ny=761) (nz=220)\

    31.17-tmmodelmanager: \

    31.17-tmmodelmanager: mass: 985.0 ( 0.682 0.000 0.151 )\

    31.17-tmmodelmanager: 1 multibody joints / 1 components\

    31.34-tmrigidbodygraphics: creating threaded tmpaint instance for 'DisplayTexture' and texture 'display_light'\

    31.35-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fontdisplay.tff'=(512x472) (h=45) (nc=25992) ok\

    31.36-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/hud.tff'=(512x196) (h=48) (nc=123) ok\

    31.36-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fonthelp.tff'=(512x415) (h=57) (nc=188) ok\

    31.37-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/segment.tff'=(512x196) (h=48) (nc=124) ok\

    31.44-tmrigidbodygraphics: creating threaded tmpaint instance for 'LcdTexture' and texture 'lcd_color'\

    31.45-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fontdisplay.tff'=(512x472) (h=45) (nc=25992) ok\

    31.45-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/hud.tff'=(512x196) (h=48) (nc=123) ok\

    31.46-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fonthelp.tff'=(512x415) (h=57) (nc=188) ok\

    31.47-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/segment.tff'=(512x196) (h=48) (nc=124) ok\

    31.53-tmsimulator: done loading model c172 (repaint=)\

    31.53-tmsimulator: \

    31.53-tmfile_properties: ERROR: (tm2file::LoadFile failed. error loading file '/Users/stefanvandemaele/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/aircraft/apache/copilot.tmc')\

    31.54-tmterrain: creating terrain landmark class begin\

    31.54-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/landmarks.tff'=(512x512) (h=45) (nc=8365) ok\


    Hi I have just installed on my mac FS 2 (non steam) in the add-on airplane directory. I can select a flavour of the Apache. It even tells me loading apache helicopter but when it starts I have a cessna plane :-(... Any idea what goes wrong? I have used the latest 1,0 version