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    I tried "Augustin Winther" North, Mid and South 10 M Mesh in various installation folders but no fix to this elevation problem.

    Thanks again for checking Michael, your findings mirror mine. I does seem that presently the latest revision of FS 2 struggles with displaying either mesh correctly the further north you go.

    Thanks for your update Hartman, I will check and verify whether I see the same later.

    Edit: After checking with v2.05.03.23 (DVD installation), in the area of N 61.3871 E 11.0212, @15000ft. the mesh seems to be displaying correctly for me. I don't see any wide flat valleys in this area anymore.

    However at N 68.7507 E 24.1368, @20,000ft. flying east I see more mesh errors (see images below).

    In addition I see a 30,000 foot column extending from Bardufoss BDU/ENDU??

    Thanks for your feedback Michael.

    A quick update from my side. I decided to apply the latest revision - v2050323 and this does in fact cure the mesh issues at around 60 degrees latitude. Unfortunately with this update I am unable to run Vulkan near a number of UK airports as it just results in a CTD. However running with OpenGL seems to be reasonably stable.

    I have checked the same area on my PC - and am experiencing the same error. I have not changed anything.

    The reason must therefore be due to an update from IPACS. :!:

    EDIT: When I go out of Beta - mesh works ok on my PC.

    Hi Hartman, which release (non beta) version do you find works and doesn't give you the mesh errors?

    Thanks for checking Hartman and Michael :thumbup:

    If it helps I am running v2050309b and witnessing this strange mesh behaviour.

    If I update to v2050323 I have experienced multiple CTD close to some UK airports so I am currently staying with v2050309b.

    I have the same mesh issues. Bad loading just north of 60 degree. But also very bad between Tromsø and Bardufoss and east of this area. Using Taburet's mesh.

    Yes this seems to follow the pattern I am seeing.

    It would great if IPACS could look at this issue.

    I know we using a third party mesh but importantly this issue happens with both the 10 and the 19m mesh which points to either a similar or identical problem with both or an issue with how Aerofly FS 2 is loading the mesh in theses areas. When you arrive very close to these flat valleys they do suddenly pop up almost literally in front of your direction of travel. This is a real shame with such a wonderful scenery to experience thanks to Hartman's hard work.

    Strange. As a test, you can try to deactivate Scandinavia East mesh (and Augustin Winther 10M MESH). Use only Scandinavia West mesh (19m) made by Taburet (Scandi_2).

    Do you get the same error then?

    To deactivate the folder "scandi_1" (Scandinavia East mesh) - insert 2 underscores in front of the folder name:


    Thanks again Hartman,

    I tried your suggestion and unfortunately I get the same result as before.

    This also happens for me with either mesh (10 or 19m). Looking to it further it seems that in this particular area of Norway an area around the aircraft only is loaded with the mesh and terrain mesh detail further out to the front, sides displays as a flat area then further still you see the high cliffs where after the correct mesh is displayed.

    This is most odd and unfortunately an absolute emersion killer, what a shame, especially when it occurs where your fantastic scenery work is displayed :(

    Edit: Further investigation tonight, it seems to be related to the 60 degree north latitude. It happens around this latitude, then a bit further north the issue seems to mostly disappear (or at least decline) to the point that it's not so obvious.

    Hi Greytop.

    I use Scandinavia freeware mesh (19m) made by Taburet. It works just fine - except for the joint between Scandinavia West and Scandinavia East. Do you see problems with the terrain (mesh) elsewhere?…t/1289-scan-coverage-jpg/

    Hi Hartman,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Good to hear that you are not experiencing the same problems. I have tried both Taburet's 19m mesh and the 10m mesh. The issue appears to be the same with both for me. I see the large flat valleys all around North west of Gardermoen (see attached images).

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have also being seeing the same Norway mesh abnormality.

    North west of Gardermoen the terrain mesh abruptly flattens out to featureless flat valleys with the landscape form apparently continuing correctly the other side of these flat valleys. In this suspect area the scenery mesh also seems to ‘pop’ into the correct form relatively close to the aircraft.

    I have tried both the 19m and 10m mesh and the issue appears to be the same with both.

    Are more experienced users also still seeing this or is there perhaps something I am doing wrong?

    Incidentally a big thumbs up for the work Hartman has done with the terrain in Norway, it looks absolutely stunning.