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    You can adjust the cameras inside the TMD file, just change the second value of the R0 property of the camera.

    Make sure to make a backup before you start and after you're finished because an update in Steam will just override your changes.

    If you move the camera closer to the windo you will encounter some camera clipping issues though which is why the cameras are where they are right now.

    Thanks!! That did the trick!

    Is it possible to get a wingview that doesn't give the impression that one is standing on the wing like the gremlin in Twilight zone? I love to replay my flight and watch the landing as a passenger but the current wingview throws me off (especially in VR).

    Basically just a window frame would be awesome. Somewhere I read that it was possible to tweak the TMD file so that the camera would move inside the cabin but the instructions were for FS2 and the TMD file for FS4 seems a tad different.

    This must be an easy fix I reckon. A suggestion for a future update (and not include the cockpit specific sounds/alarms/callouts etc)

    Well, at least add roads and traffic around the airports and in cities. I understand that you can't mess with bridges and water but in areas with no water? I would make the final approach so much more realistic.

    So does the Berlin scenery have traffic then?

    I think it makes sense to demand this. Why not?