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    The ADIRS alignment takes up to 10 minutes in real life so and I don't want to simulate that per default. We may be able to offer an option in the future.

    Regarding the engine start: this has already been addressed in the developer build and should be rolled out at some point.

    At some point? Aerofly 2022, I'm sure.

    It's no exaggeration to say that 2021 players will only see a map of the United Kingdom,South Florida, and part of the cold cabin of the aircraft to start, ,I don't think there will be an official update in the next three months, maybe all the production is gradually testing, packaging, and will be announced in 2021.12, I have no desire to see this useless cockpit roof, And the wrong plane lights, and the dark airport, dark taxiway, There is no lighting in the plane's parking space space I need to remind myself. Aerofly2021 is really a little less, because we have a lot of sitting in the cockpit, this change is the most likely to feel,I know very well how difficult it is to simulate the piloting of a plane. But I wish we could see something.I never want to see the unchanged B777-300ER in AEROFLY 2022 again.This beautiful plane should not stop here.

    IPACS will do something good. But what we wish about M1 devices should happen within 2 major updates.

    They need more personnel.who will help them? IPACS also requires more users, don't decide anyone. If you urgently need it, please buy RTX3090 andMicrosoft Flight Simulator,You know it takes more time and more people, aerofly has more than just iPad users, thank you, I also have an iPad pro 2021, I think we should consider the priority as well as the ability of the official staff.It's not that I don't care about money, unless you can help them.

    Hi. I do think it is possible to have a trees download, a more buildings download, neat scenery farther ahead for this device category.

    But it is a lot and a lot of work for IPACS, because they want to be runnable on old devices, so one of the next Aerofly FS 202x has to be split into many bricks* to apply all bricks to M1 devices and a few bricks on older devices for example, something like this I’m not an expert programmer.

    And it probably has to be paid by newest devices users, but when you offered to yourself a $€1000+ device, money isn’t a problem ;).

    (*) I mean by bricks, the scenery itself could be split into smaller bricks. Because, today, even with the newest iPad Pro and the latest Aerofly FS 2021 adjusted for this device, it is style possible to see blurry scenery just beside you. It is as if the scenery area bricks were too big so the device has no choice than not displays them without overload the allocated memory. If they were smaller, the small bricks could has been displayed all around the plane until reaching the allocated memory for that. This scenery rework takes time and time and time to be done.

    I tried not to think about it, because the authorities wouldn't say anything.I think DLC is a good solution.

    To correct some replies here, global scenery coverage with Aerofly FS is of course possible and we will eventually offer it. But when streaming is no solution, one has to live with a few sacrifices, when you consider aerial images. E.g. we could in theory provide a lot of airports worldwide, but the data around it, e.g. elevation and basic aerial images does need some memory. We estimated roughly 100GB of data for a non streaming solution and reasonable aerial image resolution, e.g. you have low resolution when flying low but in normal flying altitudes it would look quite nice already.

    So for future versions we might consider hybrid solutions, e.g. a large download for the base scenery and possibly streaming option if the user really wants maximum quality where he currently flies.

    But again, we are not streaming fans ourself, so we will always have the other solution in mind as well.

    If I had a choice, I wouldn't choose streaming. of course, I'm not a streaming fan, and I want all the data to be kept on my phone,Even if it takes up 100 gigabytes of memory.I hope we can get a better solution.thanks

    I don't agree with the logic of aerofly ipacs development, just compare other simulators that have updates every semester at least which for me is enough, but here there is a kind of secret "Oh because we can't reveal anything because we're still working" I bet the european scenery is maybe 10% better than the ones that some members managed to get from the mobile version which for me doesn't make any difference here there has always been this thing of only publishing something when a thousand things dressed perfectly in good condition. Ask users who enjoy the scenery of London and the uk they are sure to say they have fun even if they can't ride the vulcano, so spend years just promising things so that only when they meet your strict and determined requirements to be resolved that I never understand? Just rethink the question of why there are games that update monthly without the need to promise ... for months and keep making suspense? lack of staff? let's go guys work on ways to win more audiences aerofly is not just anyone out there.

    can banish me judge me i'm 49 nothing like scolding shakes me more

    I do not disagree with this view, is it possible to share the progress of the work with the players can also be a secret?To be honest, I don't understand what it is to hide, no one is forcing them to update.Those game manufacturers who have official accounts can better accept the views of users to improve their products.

    Just to help to wait:

    I read only one useful message: wait, and the problem is for PC users

    I'm not worried it's going to take more time. .The important thing is whether the official will have this idea.I hope one day in aerofly I can fly from Melbourne to London, or from Singapore to New York.Of course, it takes more time to make a map, I am willing to wait, I just think that the map data in the popular area is easier to find, maybe the production is not so difficult, of course, this is my expectation, thank you for your answer.

    STo make flying more immersive, perhaps officials could consider global hotspots such as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and countries in eastern Asia. Europe or Australia.Who wouldn't want to land in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Germany, New Yorkor Dubai?Yes, I do,

    I'm sorry to say this,I think it is a good decision to stop developing the western part of the United States and develop the European region.Players have more flight time.Perhaps we can consider developing other new regional

    EU NA SA

    Above, this is just a suggestion.

    : Thank you for the feedback. Keep in mind you are comparing images with different field of views, so you can't really compare both images with respect to their dimensions. We might check the overall proportions in an upcoming update, but this currently has low priority.

    admin  admin I always think that the model of this engine is not in proportion, and it seems to be shorter than the real model.And the tail is thicker.Anyway, please check the difference between the engine and the real model, thank you.Some people have previously feedback on this issue, but I can not find the post, I hope my intuition is not wrong, thank you!please