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    crystal clear wordings in the cockpit and ufff...the graphics🥵. Truly out of this world.

    Glad to hear it looks great, and better than on the Iphone 11 where aircraft textures including cockpits are terribly low resolution and labels and texts are unreadable.

    You'll love it, it's a great sim.

    I love the immediacy with which you can be up and running in less than 10 seconds. Having been simming for 30 years, it definitely has the right ethos and approach for me, you can feel the passion developers put there.

    Now if only it could be fixed on the Iphone11, as some ios devices don't have this issue..

    Airplane issues I noticed so far:


    Throttle over 21% exceeds 100%rpm.

    Autopilot buttons don't activate, unless I'm dumb.

    Instrument panel, especially Ap section, looks a bit blurry to read.

    Not a bug, but it would be awesome to have one non-camo livery, as seen on Aerofly 2 app.


    Engine sound crackles, especially at high rpm.

    Can't change AP heading.

    Not a bug, but it would be awesome to add a soundbarrier sound cue.


    Autopilot section looks too blurry to be usable.


    Autopilot section looks too blurry to be usable.

    Unreadable instruments (blurry)

    Regarding the blurriness of textures, please note this applies to a number of aircrafts at various degress. This happens on an Iphone 11 A2221 4gb ram.

    Maybe the reduction is a bit too aggressive, is it something you might consider improving a notch?

    Please compare against the sharp and readable lear45 autopilot panel found on the Aerofly 2 Ipad app from 6 years ago:

    lear45 on Aerofly2 Ipad, sharp textures

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the world is there, albeit in low res. Navaids are there, airports runways are however missing.

    Not quite what you have in mind,

    but as an interim solution, Ipacs could introduce all the missing worldwide airport runways. It's better than nothing ;)

    Assuming source data is available, this shouldn't increase size sensibly.

    If you increase the tilt sensitivity you should have to tilt less for the same response.

    What device are you using because it probably matters how large the rudder slider is physically.

    Increase tilt is a good idea, but it is quite sensitive already, even at low sensitivity. Anyway this is not an issue as autotrim does a fantastic job and solves this most of the times.


    Iphone 11 (non pro).

    It is the limited resolution and space the thumb has to properly apply rudder during approach and taxiing. This zigzag is more noticeable on smaller/mid aircrafts.

    From my point of view, it would be a good idea to add an option to adjust/reduce rudder sensitivity, in order to have more control around the center. Let me know your thoughts


    The corsair, c172, b58, p38.

    However you can ignore this, as doing things more slowly allows for autotrim to catchup, and not incurr excessive tilting. Still, a calibrate button would be awesome.

    Rudder feels too sensitive to me, given the small bar on the iphone. This makes it rather tricky to keep aircrafts straight when taxiing for instance.

    Can I suggest a more exponential response curve (less sensitive at the centre) or rudder sensitivity option to be considered?


    Thanks, I took a look before and after, and think that perhaps the high res imagery for utah/colorado has been moved and is now only contained in the new region :thumbup:

    Is there a button to re-calibrate tilt in-flight?

    When extending flaps, the device needs tilting up thus making the screen hard to see without adjusting calibration or without elevation trim buttons (autotrim is actually on).

    Rudder feels too sensitive, at least on my iphone; a rudder sensitivity option would be amazing too.

    Anyway it's a great sim!

    I recently purchased Aerofly FS2021 and let me tell you, it is amazing, it is way better than I ever hoped it would be.

    It has great immersion, sound is amazing, visuals are stunning, GUI and options make sense. I love the analogue stick that remains where it's left, like in real aircrafts.

    Extra points for supporting Fswidgets IgmapHD, it works beautifully with it.

    A couple of questions came to mind:

    - Regions: I can see Colorado and Utah in both the High res scenery region and on their own Colorado and Utah region.

    Does it mean that if I download the High res scenery (San Francisco LA etc), that it contains Colorado and Utah already and the separate Colorado and Utah region is not necessary?

    - Rudder: With both manual and assisted rudder, I find it hard to keep the Cessna centered while taxiing, would it be possible to add a sensibility setting in the menu purely for the rudder?

    - Is there a wiki about what all the menu settimgs options do? some options are a bit obscure:

    (approach lines, hud horizon)

    It's 5 stars for me on the app store, I hope it gets the recognition it deserves there.



    +1 for trim buttons, same as virtual joystick. Maybe users could turn them on/off on mobiles if they feel ui might appear too cluttered.

    Hi, it appears that virtual joystick is disabled on the iphone, or have I misunderstood?

    Would you be kind to consider adding the option of enabling virtual joystick in an upcoming patch, for who prefers this kind of input over screen clutter?

    As not everybody is able to control aircrafts by tilting, and most other mobile flight sims have virtual joysticks as an option (fa-18 hornet, rfs, geo-fs, if via ifjoy etc).

    for instance, me and my boy play flight sims together but with his limited strength it is impossible to hold and tilt the device accurately whereas resting the iphone and using thumbs works wonders. I normally prefer joysticks to tilt too.

    Many thanks for the consideration


    I think a multplayer version would be nice if it were two people flying the same plane in real life, so why not do it that way? How funny you see your friend taking off in front of you lol let's change this multiplayer idea most of you don’t know how to simulate right get in front of you when you’re ready to land I don’t want to have multiplayer and something else if it’s going to be expensive subscription to be able to so folks get real give a lot of work to folks aerofly team do this ok let's wait for things to happen as an example improve graph, put pucherback, weather, weight, passers-by, fuel calculation finally new aircraft

    fully agree, a cheap and cheerful multiplayer option where some people can fly together, doesn't have to be many: one hosts, others can join.

    I have couple more questions:

    -navigation: is it possible to manually tune frequencies for vor1-2 adf and in general all radio nav aids?

    Or tune a radio by selecting a navaid on the map, if there actually is one? :)

    -can the white trails from the wonderful new ai traffic be switched off?