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    I am lead pilot for an aerobatic display team (Bluebirds) In FSX-SE, we fly the Lockheed T-33 repainted in our colours by myself. In Fs2020 we would like to fly the Airmicci MB339PAN which has just been released for this sim platform. Repainting in FSX is relatively easy with quite basic graphic editors, but its a whole new world in 2020 - or at least it seems to be.

    I have never used Blender with any success, and find it quite user unfriendly. I also cannot seem to get PSP in my head, so those softwares are out for me......after all, I am 78 and the brain does not work like it did 20 or so years ago, ^^

    Can anyone tell me how to get started in painting in FS2020