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    I love the EC135! Flying it around San Francisco in VR (HP Reverb G2 headset) is incredibly immersive, and the avionics emulation works the way I would expect (I'm speaking primarily of the engine instruments here). However, I did some testing today (does that make me a test pilot?), and I will assert that translational lift is not being modeled.

    Now, I have not flown the real deal, but I am a commercially rated (for fun) heli pilot, and have time in both piston and turbine machines. Everything I have flown will start to climb with the same power setting and cyclic input once a certain airspeed is attained.

    However, in the Aerofly EC135, if I lift off into a hover, maintain power, and very gently push the cyclic forward, I will of course start to move forward. But unless I exert more back pressure or raise the collective, the aircraft will stay at the initial altitude indefinitely.

    In contrast, the R22 does seem to model TL...



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    Thanks guys!

    I just texted a friend who's into flight simming: "I just spent probably two hours in FS2. I am just blown away. I flew a bunch of the other stock airplanes (F/A-18, F-15E Strike Eagle, MB-339 jet trainer, Learjet, a stunt plane, a biplane, and P-38, almost all for the first time) around the Kennedy Space Center area, and it's just a magnificent sim. The smoothness (other than occasional hiccup, which I suspect is texture loading) is really something, and the "look" at any kind of altitude looks very commercial simulator-quality (at least in the CK area; most of the rest of the US does not have anywhere close to that resolution). At the moment I think I like it better for "my purposes" (boring holes in the sky) than DCS. I had the F-15 at 63,000 feet!!! That's a first. (According to WP the service ceiling is 60K feet, and it was slowing down at 63K, so it feels well-modeled). At the moment I would actually recommend it over MSFS, due to the stock aircrafts' fidelity).."

    Thanks for the replies and links folks! I do know about the add-on stuff, and I tried to install the SW USA texture pack, but I'm not sure I did it right. I'm digging into that today.

    Regarding Hawaii -- I owned a home on the Big Island for about 12 years, and so am very familiar with it. I can't wait for that team to add it as well!

    While I'm here -- I can't find mention of the "UL" flag that's shown in the center of the PFD sometimes, as shown here…c135_helicopter. What does that signify?



    On a whim, I bought the sim three or four days ago, after reading about how awesome it is for VR. Day before yesterday, I flew the EC135 around San Francisco, taking off from the Alcatraz helipad. My executive summary is that it was probably the best heli sim experience I've ever had. I know The City a bit, since I've lived just south of it (in San Jose) for decades, and was very impressed with much (but not all! Esp, as I moved north or south) of the detail. I come from years of MSFS, P3D, X-Plane (which I gave up on quite a while ago), and DCS. I've barely scratched the surface of the EC's systems but I am really looking forward to digging in more. The PFD and other instruments that I have used are just really well done.

    I have a question: what area in the default scenery gives the best terrain resolution? E.g. is that represented by downtown SF? Having spent some time in MSFS2020 I am really spoiled about terrain, but at least in SF, FS 2 is much better than I expected (given what seems to be a relatively small dev team).

    Another question -- does the Monterey, CA airport add-on include a detailed Carmel/Carmel Valley? I find the module to be pretty spendy at $30, but if it has at least Carmel-by-the-Sea modeled decently, I would be tempted.

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