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    Can you please post the full route so that we can try to replicate the issue?

    The Q400 autopilot is the same as the A320 autopilot. Just with a few internal adjustments in behavior.

    So if it happens in the Q400 it most likely also happens in the A320, B737, B737, B747, LJ45 and King Air (and others I forgot)

    The flight was done one day before the thread. Unfortunately, I don’t have the flightplan right now

    I’ve attempted to fly a Q400 from San Jose to Palm Springs. My flightplan required the autopilot to turn right shortly after takeoff but instead of turning right, the Q400 autopilot turned left for no reason. Later when the plane was at cruise, the autopilot randomly flew off course. I have a feeling the Q400 autopilot isn’t that intelligent, please fix it. Thank You.

    Wow. That’s a lot of work. Thanks for the information!

    Will there ever be a pushback feature for Aerofly FS 2021? I’ve recently started doing 3-9 hour flights in Aerofly and I’ve always had to cheat myself onto the taxiway in order to continue with the rest of the flight. A pushback feature would be pretty handy as it would add not only a new realistic touch to the flight simulator but also adds more convenience to flight simulator pilots such as I.