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    Even if this works, it is not that useful for Aerofly FS2. The map I would like to see is the actual Aerofly map which shows all the added sceneries and airports/helipads as well as your current location. A regular VFR map would be rather useless if it does not show your location as well.

    My 2 cents 😊

    Until that happens you could use FSWidgets.

    VR display could be via OVR Toolkit or WMR Cliff House Follow Me.

    Well, I don't mind spending US 55.00 for that map, but not until I am sure it will work with VR. The site says it is compatible with Aerofly, but does not mention VR. I am not familiar with OVR Toolkit or Cliff House follow me, so I need to research that .


    Hi Maurice,

    First time back on the forum since I gave that answer, I've just started the sim and can't get the button to display the map in VR, odd, it works in 2D still. I'll do some more investigation as it's been a while since I've redone my key and button bindings. and i'm mainly on another sim at the moment.

    Well, I'll be pleasantly shocked if you ever get that working again. I tried every possible assignment and no joy :(

    I'm afraid we have to use the other helicopters for a map, it would be nice to have the option for a tablet with map in the R22, it's my favourite chopper too.

    Tried the moving map with key 'M' and assigned to a joystick button (in settings>controls>simulation) but that has never worked in VR, I'm curious what Oldahpilot means?

    Only thing working for me in VR are landmarks (those letters in the sky), no map.....

    A tablet with map would be amazing indeed. Hoping Oldahpilot will clarify what he said.

    Thank you all for the replies and for moving the topic to the right forum 😉 .

    To answer Peter, unfortunately the R22 is my main ride and no cockpit map available on that one 😟

    To answer Oldahpilot, can you please elaborate a bit on how to do that. I’m also very new to VR and I have no idea of how to bind the map to a button in the controller. Also, I use a Reverb G2 and it might be different with Oculus or other controllers.