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    I didn't mention this, but yes, the fact that you can go from your desktop to the runway in about 30 seconds is amazing. Even from a from-scratch install, it seems 5 minutes is what it takes to "tweak" everything to what it'll end up being.

    It wouldn't be accurate to say I just discovered AFS2, I installed it way back in 2016, thought it was pretty amazing, but didn't do much with it because I wasn't simming very seriously at the time.

    Now I'm learning how to fly, and I've been spending weeks tweaking MSFS 2020 for VR, which is a nightmare as most people probably know. I'd used Aerofly with an Oculus Rift CV1 and a little bit with a Rift S, but never with my new Reverb G2. I'd gotten MSFS 2020 running about as good as it was going to run, which was... not bad as long as you can acclimate to 30 fps.

    Just for kicks I decide to reinstall AFS2. My jaw hit the floor as soon as I put on my headset. Buttery smooth 90 fps with no reprojection or resolution scaling. I spent 2-3 hours just flying for fun with no real objective. I'd been doing remote lessons with my flight instructor in FS 2020, and I asked him if we could try AFS2 for a lesson instead. As soon as he saw me reach out and adjust the nav frequency with my touch controller and how smooth and crisp the graphics were, he had a hard time containing his excitement.

    We did a lesson with lots of go-arounds and at the end, he said that at least for the stuff I'm working on now, AFS2 seems to be a better tool (and very fun to boot), even if there's no comparison with FS 2020 in other regards. Thanks for a cool (if somewhat limited) sim. It feels like AFS2 deserves more traction than it's gotten over the years.