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    At the best of times I don't like choice. Now I have 3 sims, my most recent being Aerofly FS2. Only came to know of it a few weeks ago but loving it so far especially for VR. Aerofly FS2 has exceeded my expectations. I did not expect it to look so good. But why though does it not have multiplayer after all these years ? Are IPACS planning on adding a multiplayer feature? Also how do you add that bit of realism navigating etc. I know how to fly using VOR/ NDBs but how can I further add to the realism. And who uses it as their main sim. Cheers

    Orbx had a sale just last week so I treated myself to Innsbruck and the Netherlands. Rook a couple of flight around Innsbruck, it looks amazing. Saving the Netherlands until I've completed the South West as I can see that taking quite a bit of time. What I try and explain to other flight simmers is that take X Plane for instance of which I use as well. Some only fly in the UK now if you were to get the UK Scenery Orbx True Earth, that would cost more than double the price of Aerofly FS2. California alone is twice the size of the UK. Loving Aerofly myself, just incredible in VR.