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    When I lift the throttle valve(Max ;) ), an alarm will be generated. What is it? What does it mean?

    In simple terms, your blades generate a lot of lift to make you go up and thus create a lot of drag due to their angle. Your blades prefer to go at a constant RPM, if you lose speed you get that alarm.

    Other way around, if you go full down on the cyclic (throttle) you get an overspeed warning as you generate no lift and minimise drag.

    I hope that can help you understand. This applies to every rotary wing on the sim.

    Hello, so far it seems like a fantastic update. The addition of reflective lights on android make flying at night wonderful.

    However l feel obligated to ask if night time road lights will make an appearance in the base game. This would make these new HD regions even more lovely.

    Regardless, the virtual sky is calling so see you later ;)

    I think spoilers is the technical term while airbrakes describes the function.

    They are mostly the same but some spoilers are not used like airbrakes and rather like ailerons (some don't even have ailerons like the F-14 Tomcat if I remember correctly)

    Good morning simmers,

    Unfortunately, it seems like the dash 8 spawns "too low" in some airports thus making it crash as soon as she loads into the sim.

    This aircraft is absolutely majestic to fly (pun intended) and I really wish you could find a solution to this problem.

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) currently on Android 11 G973FXXUAFUE1 (this issue occurred for a long time so I'm not sure about the relevance of these information).

    At first I thought it was due to a collision to an object but even in plain aprons it occurs. I am willing to update a list of medium size airports where it happens but it might take some time.

    I wish you all a nice day !

    I use it as a main sim on my device.

    I don't know whether I will head to FS 2 later or not but for now it's an absolute pleasure to have high quality satellite images as a landscape.

    Hi everyone,

    Would it be possible to allow a cold and dark / before engine start option for the Pitts? I can imagine that it is limited to something us customers aren't aware.

    And about soaring : I haven't flown a lot yet, 30 minutes at max, however I still haven't found thermals. Do they actually exist or are they a myth? All jokes of course but any idea how to find them? Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to learning more.