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    xiaomi pad 6 works well you can on ultra graphic. i play with the high setting with 45 fps and in big city in night around 25-35fps.

    (but when u use aircraft light ur fps gonna be around 15 and lower ) price i buy it for 290€ (8gb 128go)

    Yo 👋

    I wanted to ask if someone can advise me about the best tablet for Android, with enough of requirements to play Aerofly smoothly on. I don't have any idea about the price and everything because I have a phone today, and I think it starts to be a little bit narrow now. I don't want any Apple device, bcz there are a lot of restrictions. I have a (pretty small) budget of 400-500€.

    Can anyone advise me please?

    Thanks by advance ☺️


    it allows you to calculate the performance of your plane at takeoff by typing your information (runway, condition, flap) or at landing for the autobrake according to your airport and runway it offers you a diagram to choose the right setting but it also allows you to see the map of your airport