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    Cheers for the detailed reply, I'm not at the pc now so can't check th frame rate in 2d but will tonight, one thing I can't understand is if the gpu and cpu were struggling why wouldn't the the gpu be maxed out instead of 33% and I would expect the fans to ramp up with a thermal warning (like a torture test).

    BTW what does a gpu that's VR ready actually mean? Is there something that one card does that an older one doesn't?

    Hi I have the RC8 standard and want to use vr on the Quest 2 with link, I've tested and found the planes are ghosting / stuttering when moving, ok close up prop hanging but no good once fast flight. I've turned down all graphic settings etc but no use. Tried Vulkan but the screen jumps wildly !

    PC specs 980 TI 4gb, AMD 8core CPU, Fresh SSD hard drive with windows 10, Gigabyte motherboard.

    I'm not a gamer so don't have a high end pc but my son checked the GPU when I'm in VR and it's only running at 30% so doesn't seem to struggle.

    I'm thinking of getting a Saphire RX580 TI graphics card with 8gb which is not too pricey to see if it helps? (Specs say it vr ready whatever that means!)

    Or am I off the mark here and it's just an issue with the Quest itself ?

    I've also tried Oculus settings and changed the setting to lock 45fps and unlocked 45fps and auto but nothing changes,

    Any advice appreciated 😀