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    For me the A320 has a very stable and equal FPS on all planes even in the external view and everything in Ultra. What is your computer specification? graphics memory?

    I have the same problem as Elias Birkholz has it but only with the 320. Changing the Pixel density or graphics quality is not helping at all... Maybe it's a bug or something. For the developers: I am currently using the android version fs 2021 on the xiaomi redmi 9s (6gb ram version)

    Well in the 320 flight planning panel (I think its called FMC) I went to the DIR side and chose a point of my flight plan. After that I chose the command direct to and clicked the Intercept button. (Hope u can understand what I mean I'm not that experienced.)

    My problem is that every single time I take off and try to intercept a direct to my complete flight plan disappears automatically. Is that a fault done by me? If not is there a way to fix that?