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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to develop some scenery objects for Aerofly FS2, have recently downloaded AC3D and have been following the Aerofly tutorial. After copying over the two plugins:

    - obj_import.p

    - ipacs_ac3d_to_tgi.p

    AC3D rejects them on start-up - I'm assuming this is because AC3D is 64-bit and these plugins support 32-bit. Is there a workaround for this? I'm very keen to get started. :)

    Many thanks,


    Hi all,

    Does anyone else experience flashing/ flickering buildings in VR only? Perfectly fine outside of VR. I had a similar issue with shadows but just decided to disable them for now as it was very off putting in places like the New York DLC.

    I’ve read it could be down to doubling up of old and new textures/ objects. Is there a way I can locate the old ones and remove them if this is the case?

    Simulations run extremely smooth.

    My specs:

    - RTX 3070

    - i7 9700K

    - 32GB RAM

    - Stored on 1 TB SSD (500GB remaining).

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Hi there, thank you both so much for your responses!

    This is quite a difficult one to explain however the best way to describe it is that I can visualise every tiny movement. Even moving my headset within extremely small ranges the visual output feels a little excessive.

    PC Specs:

    RTX 3070 8GB

    i7 9700k unlocked/ no OC

    32GB RAM DDR4 @ 2666

    All stored on a 1TB SSD.

    I’ll explore the methods you have shared and get back to you with some results!

    Many thanks.


    Hi all,


    I recently purchased AFS2 and I want to thank the developers for doing a superb job of remaining cognisant of performance whilst creating this simulator. The UI is straightforward, I calibrated my Pro Flight Trainer Puma in under a minute and found myself sitting in the R22 within 5 minutes of downloading.

    VR Response:

    In Oculus VR mode (I use a Quest 2), I’m noticing that the responsiveness of my head movements is incredibly fast. I can visualise every tiny movement of my head which can feel a little overwhelming!

    I was wondering if there was a way to dampen this motion out so my headset isn’t so responsive to every tiny movement as it can be quite difficult to focus on the instruments. I currently have to fly with my head dead still to focus otherwise I lose focus.

    Is there any way to reduce this effect? I can’t really say this is a problem, is like it’s actually ‘over performing’ in a way!

    Many thanks!