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    It's still laggy for me. even with the update, I've made up my mind, I'm hoping to get the rog phone 3 or 5. my current device is not powerful enough. they recommend a phone with snapdragon processor as I think its more powerful, but as a temporary solution, I'm now flying the baron 58 which runs quite well, or the cessna which for me has no lag.

    That is a shame though. I was looking forward to trying it out. Maybe I'll get a better device some point in the future. I might end up buying it out of curiosity and regretting it from the performance though

    my phone has an even higher clock speed with (2

    18GHz 4GB ram with Mali-G71 too but it's all laggy ever since we had pixel density introduced: I don't think this devices are high-end enough for this simulator, I am hoping if we have an option to lower pixel density well below 60% and have the option to turn it off, it will solve the lag: for me, game booster's do not work unless you put it at a very low graphics quality.

    I noticed on the latest aerofly 2021 update it said it had performance updates, using less ram and worse resolution on cockpit textures for lower devices, is it still laggy or has the FPS improved with this update?

    I think mAli GPUs are not good or meant for gaming. For intensive games adreno or power vr is the best GPU for android. iOS no need to bother what your processor is. At least 2gb ram needed to run Aerofly keep on your mind. Close all apps if necessary, as for android I would say af 2020 is better than af 2021 which I've tested in iOS device. If you all are feeling uncomfortable to run Aerofly fs 2021 then manage with af 2020. My phone was lagging with a320 provided my tablet horribly lagged. Phone was giving 8-10 fps Weras tab gave 3. Other planes were working perfectly in tab dash 8 and a380 wasn't optimised. So in general I would say in simple words. Don't game with Mali GPU. As that GPU isn't designed to run ultra quality games.

    thanks for letting me know, if it runs better on aerofly 2020 then that's probably the pixel density like how Aviator53 said. Guess I'll wait for some graphics options or I'll just get 2020.

    I was wanting to get aerofly FS 2021 but the main drawback from me buying it is the possibility of my phone not performing well. I have a Samsung galaxy A40.

    It's specs are:

    Octa-core (2x1.77 GHz Cortex-A73 & 6x1.59 GHz Cortex-A53) (CPU)

    Mali-G71 MP2 (GPU)

    4GB (RAM)

    I hope these give you an idea on how my phone will run it.