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    I flew from Reno Nev. to KMHR Sacramento Mather using the 737-500. Landing rwy. 22L. The flight

    was fine until descending on the Loc/Glidscope for KMHR. The ILS worked fine, but did not line up

    with the runway center line for 22L. Instead the Loc. descended in between the two runways. The

    published 22L freq. is: 111.35. I wanted to advise if someone else had the same problem. I was able

    to land manually by having enough altitude to recover for 22L.

    My take off and cruise flight to destination, no problem. I'm flying ILS with Localizer / Glide Slope, no problem.

    Problem Landing: I understand real life pilots will disconnect the AP around 1000' and land the plane manually.

    This is what I have been trying to do. However, basically at full power take off the throttle is still at full N1. Again this

    is no problem, but I can't get my head around what to do with the full N1 setting when I want to disconnect the

    autopilot. Please advise what to do with the full N1 throttle at 1000' for a manual landing. I disconnect the AP

    and the Auto Throttle at 1000'. This works ok, but here is the problem .....I can't seem to get the right N1

    setting while descending for the flare to keep the nose up to land on the main gears. My plane will float

    almost to the end of the runway. I land at 140 to 145 with full flaps and gear down.

    Hold your Horses! I apologize for my entry above. I have been so used to other sims to go ahead and

    program the autopilots straight on and having set a side radios to enter various frequencies . The A-320

    is more complicated than ones I've used before. I found this out in the manual. I am not only going to

    read the manual, but study it for operating the A-320. If I reach a snag I will then call for help. Thanks

    I am running Steam and am doing very well with the F4u Corsair and the 737-500. I would like very much to

    fly the A-320. First I tried to set the AP, but by the time I have went across all of the entries the first entries

    go blank. I've tried to press right mouse to lock as well as left mouse to lock, but still dose not work. The

    mouse wheel dose allow to enter the numbers. I gave up on the AP and tried to enter an ILS into what I

    thought was the correct radio, but it will not allow ( example 111.55 LOC / GS ). The radio view on the right

    active view is blocked, only the stby is in view. The radio on the left will not allow the above frequency to

    be entered as well. I'm hoping it's my fault and not the A-320. Please advise and get me in the air in the


    Just started with the 737-500. I'm having trouble with the AP switch . On climb out I engage the AP, then the L Nav switch to follow

    the flight plan. Even the VS switch goes off. The AP seems very sensitive. It's something I'm not doing in the correct order...I think.

    Hope you you'all can help.

    Are there any F4U pilots that might know if there are keyboard buttons

    to open and close the cowling flaps? Preferably in increments.

    Dose anyone know currently if there will be some updates for the f4u. I'm referring to modeling

    more of the inside cockpit controls?

    I found out how to take a video of my flight by pressing the "P" pause key while in flight. A bar comes up at the bottom

    of the cockpit. Inside the bar at the left side a triangle starts the video. I made a video after fooling around, still not knowing how

    it is supposed to work. I then found out that I had made almost half of my entire flight. My problem question: How do I delete

    this video?

    Thanks Overloaded for the reply. I really like how this F4u handles. I flew

    the Cessna 172 in real life and the F4u reminds me of the Cessna except

    for maintaining the trim.

    I'm new to the forum and Aerofly fs 2.

    My interest is through practice, learning to fly the the F4U well.

    So far I have found the f4u to fly very smoothly, but holding pitch

    and lateral trim is difficult. I can get the correct trim, but I have

    to really watch the nose to constantly correct ether the pitch or

    horizontal attitude. I am very much aware of the torque on take

    off and in flight, and have improved on that aspect. I thought

    if someone who flies the F4u quite a bit could give me some

    tips and tricks to overcome my sloppy way of flying through the