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    Here's the thing: I was really turned off my AFS2 about 3 years back (did the upgrade from FS1), what with some seriously erroneous errors and goofy behavior. So after reading KalEl's feedback I was set NOT to try AFS2 again. But...

    ...after watching some 2021 reviews on MSFS 2020 I'm finding that too is riddled with strange/odd/shouldn't-be-happening behavior from what's supposed to be a world-class flight sim. I mean, a forklift driving out onto a taxiway/runway intersection? (Hey guys, we forgot to offload some cargo... haha.) And seriously, I think AFS2 is as good-looking if not better in some respects than MSFS.

    So I'm definitely not going to invest big bucks into MSFS, especially since it means buying Windoze, going through BootCamp etc. etc.

    OK, ok... so AFS2 doesn't have real-world weather, or multiplayer and I'm sure the a/c still wobble like drunken sailors when static on the ground and you move flight surfaces - nothings perfect. But rather confused about pricing and options:

    On the AppStore it's $35.99; on Steam for Mac it's $59.99. ?? So what's the difference?

    Does the Steam version come with ALL the airports and high-res scenery and the AppStore version doesn't? Or are there a/c missing?

    If you purchase from the AppStore does that mean you can't get add-on's from developers?

    Can you guys clarify please?

    UPDATE: Found the answer: IPACS is recommending the Steam version for updates and add-ons, esp. DLC. Got it.