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    I have to agree to that. This game has way better aircrafts than infinite flight and X-plane. But seriously we need a new aircraft. (hopefully A350 or B737 or a new B737-800 or A220)

    A new plane is just and necessary .. Hopefully a regional plane, for example an airbus a220 .. An embraer 175 or 190 ... A crj 700 ... For the few regions that the game has a regional plane would be ideal ... And also having new systems and ignition of engines in the boeing, 777,747 and 737 planes .. Hopefully add the sound of gears when taking off and landing it would be wonderful, I also dream of having multiplayer to play with our friends ... Reflected taxi lights on the track, and something I long for is new real engine sounds .. Especially for the 777 and a320 .. I fully trust the team ipacs are the best