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    Hi Lynx Pilots,

    I am relatively new to helicopters. I learned in Aerofly with the R22 and I understand that its Rotor turns anti clockwise, fuselage therefore clockwise, I need to counter with left pedal and therefore my power pedal is the left pedal. Also the tail rotor pushes the air from right to left thereby pushing the helicopter to the right. So I apply left cyclic or at least the helicopter hangs to the left while hovering.

    Now comes the Lynx. Same rotor anti clockwise. I learned how to start it up. I hover with all trim and stabilization off. Fully manual. Same tilt to the left hovering. So far so good. BUT it wants to yaw to the left! Same direction as the rotors turn. Adding collective / power it yaws to the LEFT. I need to add right pedal. Reducing collective it yaws to the right, I need left pedal. The the needed pedal input is less than the R22 BUT is exactly the other way round compared to the R22, while the Rotor turns in the same direction. Why?

    Probably I am being very stupid here. Maybe someone can help me with my confusion?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    And Steve, if you ever read this, what a piece of art! Fantastic Helicopter Addon. Thank you!

    Cheers, Christoph

    Hi everybody,

    Let me first say, this is a truly great sim. Having flown flightsims since 1990 for couple of thousand hours, also flying recreational fixed wing gliders and SEP in RL, this is something new for me in terms of helicopter simulation. I am hooked to the R22 and find the flight model in the pro-mode very realistic - admitting that I never flew a helicopter in RL. It just feels right, not sure if it is right :) . I build a simple custom collective and train everyday. Great fun!

    Now my question: The tmflightlog.log file lists block and flight time in my sim but landings/crashes are all zero. Do I do something wrong so it forgets my landings? Or is that log feature simply not impemented yet?

    My version is the latest Aerosoft Download version.

    Thanks for any input!

    Cheers, Christoph