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    Thank for the reply’s and I do hope I can get something other than my PS4 game pad. I’ve always flew tilt till I tried the game pad as I like to mix it with on screen controls. But a Joystick would be my ideal controller. Can’t seem to get on with the UI controls.

    Is there an issue with the B787 pitch control?

    When I take off in the A320 in manual flight, gain altitude level off the aircraft flies straight and level just fine and the pitch controls using the PS4 gamepad is correct.

    When I do the same using the B787 the aircraft pitches up and flying straight and level requires constant input from the PS4 gamepad to maintain level flight.

    Am l missing something like setting trim for the B787 but not required for the A320 ??

    I wish the developers would do a bit more with the controllers as it’s a great way to fly, mixing controller with touch screen especially throttle/collective with on screen throttle needs attention.

    It takes 11 seconds from idle to full throttle on Concord which is not realistic and it’s even harder with collective on the UH60.

    I’ve also posted with no response on controller issues. 😢😢

    I’ve been flying Aerofly Mobile version since 2015. Until FS2022 I’ve always used tilt flying but since FS2023 I’ve tried using a PS4 DualShock controller and for me it’s like having a brand new mobile Sim.

    Can anyone recommend a better Bluetooth controller either pad or joystick.

    I don’t know if there are plans to improve this method of control but I’ve got a couple of observations.

    1. The sensitivity of the flight control stick is far to high and I don’t know of a way to change this. I’ve tried in settings but nothing changes.

    2. The throttle response is way to slow as it takes 11 seconds to to get from idle to full throttle on the Concord (excellent aircraft) using the game pad

    3. Could do with a throttle bar overlay as with tilt or analog as there is no throttle reference other than HUD view when looking forward.

    I don’t know if IPACS have any intention of improving this flight method using game pad/ joystick but for me this method is far more immersive using pad + touchscreen than using tilt or analog.

    Just my thoughts, hope this helps …👍😜

    PS To all flyers if you can give this method a go it’s awesome 👍😜

    Just started flying the Concord and it’s awesome.

    Does the VS work different on Concord compared with other aircraft?

    I’ll choose say FL10 take off click ALT/AQU and VS with AP engaged then the aircraft starts to climb at 500 ft/min but I can’t get it to climb any quicker.

    On other aircraft you increase or decrease VS with a roller control but how do I do this on Concord ???

    In FS 2022 the UK scenery was patchy. Some was very good but some was not so.

    In FS 2023 the scenery is more consistent but overall the quality is a disappointment.

    I don’t know if this is for a reason or to do with programming or device limitations as the Europe scenery is improved. UK as good as Sanfransisco or Switzerland would be amazing and I know scenery is expensive but this for me a slight step back !!😢🛩️

    IPad 8th Gen…

    How do I check my DLC because I can’t download Europe Airports 1 having paid for it.

    I’ve restored my purchases, clicked download but does not work.

    I’ve also purchased Europe Airports 4 but no improvement in scenery and in regions it still says download…

    Do I still have to pay for UK having paid for it in FS2022

    :/ ;(

    I know about the prop rotational torque and the pulling to the left on take off but this seems to happen once in the air all the time. Is this correct as it doesn’t happen when I fly with the accelerometer. Thanks for the reply 👍👍

    I have managed to connect the PS4 controller to my IPad. It is a different way to fly but still good fun.

    1. Is there any way to turn down the sensitivity as it’s very sensitive other than analog sensitivity in settings which is set to its minimum.

    2. Is there a control map or a way to assign the controls.

    3. When flying the C172 the aircraft always pulls to the left when flying in analog or PS4 controller. :/ :thumbup: