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    Just like to mention how come there are US aircraft like F15’s at say RAF Coningsby when there should be EF Typhoon’s in the UK region ??? Bet there’s no Typhoons at Edwards.!!!🤪😷 Stay Safe 😜

    Just flew the B737/500 from EGLL west to Wales, turned north to Manchester, east through Lincolnshire, then south over the Wash to land at EGSS using VOR and LNav navigation and the flight was flawless. As you say it’s a shame the ground detail is not consistent and hope one day this could be rectified but did not detract to much flying at 20000 ft.

    Just to follow up about the UK region crashing. When I turn off the AI traffic but leave the weather on the sim is fine and has not crashed since.

    Just a a couple of points:-

    Some of the NDB’s in the UK region don’t work, I’ll have to make note.

    It’s a shame the level of ground resolution is not the same throughout the the region.

    It would be good see the same level of quality across the UK region as California and Switzerland.

    In general the 2021 mobile is nothing short of amazing compared with 2015.

    Hi I’m new to FS 2021 but not new to Aerofly as I was a beta tester back in 2016 ish.

    I have just got my new Ipad 8th gen 32gb and the sim is crashing when flying in the U.K. region around Doncaster. Four times in two days flying the C172.

    Overall the world imagery is good but around Derbyshire and near Scunthorpe it’s not so good and very blurry.