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    For those who want to test some models with the "Variable Propeller Pitch" function, here are the models coming from Aerofly RC8

    Addiction :

    Adrenaline 120 :

    Spark :

    Sukhoï 29 :

    Veloxity :

    You have to uncompress the zip file in the folder (Windows) : C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\aerofly RC 8\aircraft_mod\

    Here is a short footage of the SU29 : Youtube- SU29VPP - AeroflyRC8

    I made it working ! Thank you for your help Jan !

    You told me "Thrust-Vectoring" is unknown in aerofly but it seems in the RC8 versions it is known.

    Here are the zip file containing the TMD and TMC file of the SU-29-VPP :

    (You have to put them in the C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\aerofly RC 8\aircraft_mod\su29\ folder)

    To get it working you have to :

    1 - Declare 8 channel on your TX (for VPP, in my case, i'm using channel 3 (throttle) and channel 8 (VPP mixed with throttle stick)

    2 - Assign the "Thrust-Vectoring" function to an available channel in the Aerofly RC8 channel setup.

    In Aerofly RC8, I made VPP working like the SU-29 method, on other plane. Here is the list :

    - Addiction

    - Adrenaline 120

    - Spark

    - Veloxity

    That's what i did :

    Code: Receiver
                <[array_string8][ChannelInputNames][Throttle Aileron-L1 Aileron-R1 Elevator Rudder Thrust-Vectoring           ]>
    Code: Receiver input
                <[array_float64][Range][-1 1 ]>
    Code: Added servo propeller pitch control
    Code: Throttle stick

    I still not succeed to get the VPP working on the SU-29.

    Here is what i've done with the TMD and TMC file :

    I'm using the "Thrust-Vectoring" function on the 6th radio channel.

    On my radio i mixed the 6th channel with the throttle (channel 3) and put a ratio of 50%.

    In the TMD file, the "aeropropeller" section doesn't contain the PitchControl function. So I added it from a Heli config but it seems that it doesn't operate.

    Here are the parameters in Aerofly RC8 :

    Thanks Jan,

    If i'm understanding good your idea : the engine will be controlled by a switch and the propeller pitch by the "Normal" throttle stick.

    That's not what i want : I would like to mix the propeller pitch and engine on the same stick (here the throttle stick). Maybe the function MixHeli is needed in this case ?

    I tried to do something with the SU-29 (see zip file :, it comes from : C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\aerofly RC 8\aircraft_mod )

    I'm wondering if it's possible to create or modify an existing Aerofly RC8 plane to get variable propeller pitch or possibility to reverse the propeller rotation way. I mean like the Slick 4D plane from Multiplex.
    Throttle half position = neutral (no traction or propulsion)
    Throttle half and above = traction (like normal way to fly)

    Throttle half and under = propulsion (reverse fly)