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    Well this is entirely subjective depending on hardware. I have an X56 with the spring removed for helicopters and I think that it's not too bad sensitivity wise although I haven't really flown it a lot for a while. I wrote an article for Helisimmer a while back about the R22...…s2-r22-pilots-perspective

    I haven't flown it much since then but I see that not much has changed.

    Not sure about curves, the real thing is very linear on all axis but I don't know about the sim as I never used curves.

    You could also increase the MassFull property of the tanks, then you obviously get more fuel for the same fill level state.

    Yeah I could do that I guess but I'm a sucker for realism so I'll just run a shoddy operation with no center tank until a fix presents itself. Thanks for the help :thumbup:

    I think the issue with the fuselage fuel tank is that the fuel transfer doesn't stop when the wings are full. At the moment the wings spill the excess overboard.

    We'll rework the fuel system at some point anyways :)

    It seems to overfill the wing tanks. The needles are up on the next screen ^^. But yeah, a fix for this would be much appreciated otherwise you're kind of on Lear 25 economy :D

    Hey Mike, fancy seeing you here. OK so I gave that a go and I can fill the wing tanks properly now. As for the fuselage tank, you can put fuel in it but it seems that the sim doesn't recognise the fuselage tank but it recognises total quantity. If you put fuel in the fuselage tank, the fuel transfers very quickly to the wing tanks and sends the needles off the top of the screen.

    Hi all, just got back into Aerofly recently and I have found the Learjet to be the bird that I fly the most. I'm wondering about the fuel load though... is there any way to use the fuselage tank. With just the wing tanks you are really limited in range. Anything I can do?