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    Hi all

    Especially those with much real world experience with the R22 helicopter.

    My controls are:

    • Microsoft Force Feedback 2 (with deactivated force feedback for helicopters)
    • Simped vario pro USB

    I'm asking for advice for the sensitivity settings of these for R22 in expert mode.

    I'd like to have the most realistic experience as possible.

    At what sensitivity settings behaves the R22 as comparable as possible like the real R22?


    The Simped vario pro USB rudder pedals has the following curve types from which I can choose on the hardware itself:

    • linear
    • logarithmic
    • exponential

    Which of these is the best for my purpose?

    Thanks !

    Hi all

    As far as I understand, within the usual aeroplane the far left indicator of the HUD shows the amount of throttle.

    Within the R22 (and I guess also the H135) this indicator stays at 50.

    I guess as the result of the activated governor, so that the throttle is automatically 'governed' by the collective.

    Is there a way to indicate the amount of collective instead of throttle in the HUD for helicopters?

    Tanks a lot


    Hi everyone.

    I'm looking for a Cold and Dark Procedure for R22 in Expert Mode of Aerofly FS.

    Thanks, Ernst

    By the way: I've restarted with flight simulation after some 18 years.

    Back then it was the MS2002 and I only fly helicopters. I am (or better was) certified (advanced level) virtual pilot by Hoversafe - which unfortunately does not exist any longer.