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    Airports are not flat, and runways are not level from end to end. They are not visible from 100km, either.

    For years we begged flightsim makers to give us realistic naturally sloping runways. AFS2 does that. Why make it all artificially flat again?

    I wish we had access to the sort of satellite imagery that can read the number plate on your car, but that is only available to the military, so we will have to live with the very low-res appearance of the surface when the plane is on the ground.


    Indeed, however in the game and using NZWP as an example, the terrain is extremely uneven to the point the plane bounces up and down when taking off. I agree realistic sloping runways are great, however at the moment there are certain airports that have the satellite image of the runway over uneven terrain (compared to the likes of NZAA).

    NZWP - This is what it looks like in my flight simulator. The ONLY modifications I made was to deactivate the grey RW images. I have no knowledge on how to flatten the area.

    Ah, excellent. I thought it may have been an issue on my end. No worries at all. I assume the lack of a flat runway is connected to the original cloudport airport files. Its a shame that there isn't an easy make to make runways flat/level.

    Great work! I'm having a few issues with runways. For a few airports like NZAA and NZWN, the runway loads fine, however on others like NZWP, there is no runway overlaying the mesh, and therefore the runway is uneven ground.

    I have all of the runway folders in Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\airports, and the airport texture folders in scenery\images.

    Any help would be great.

    Cairns is already there in the Northern QLD files. How good it is to see Aussie scenery in the sim. I never thought we would get that but in a space of a few short weeks Michael has done it for us. :)

    Ah excellent! Thanks :) He's done a great job. Eventually as an end goal, it would be fantastic to have most of Oceania done (PNG, Tahiti, New Caledonia etc).

    Thanks! I even managed to roughly spot my house from an F-18. If you have time, it would be great to eventually have the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville/Cairns region tiles as well. These northern QLD regions include a number of airports, which would make a great link to Brisbane (unless they are already in the Northern QLD part, which I haven't downloaded yet).

    Hi all,

    I haven't managed to find any (which is likely an answer to the question), but does anyone know of any Air New Zealand liveries available? The only New Zealand livery I've found is the RNZAF one for the MB-339, which unfortunately doesn't seem to work anymore.

    If anyone can point me to any, it would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Its only the south island in photo scenery that's available. I just checked NZ North Island and its 58 tiles that's a lot of work to do for photo scenery at 2 M/Pix resolution. Let me conquer Australia NT first and it all depends on the quality of satellite images.

    PS. Just had a look at Bing and ArcGIS and loads of cloud coverage. :(

    To confirm, are the files by perokee the ones that contain the South Island scenery? If so, I might give those a go for now.

    No worries at all. I guess it's luck of the draw how much cloud coverage there was when the images were taken (not surprising for New Zealand to have lots of it :().

    Hi, The files of NZ are ONLY elevation ie. terrain levels and not photo scenery and or cultivation (buildings trees etc) Hope this helps? PS Welcome to the mad house.

    Indeed it does! Thanks for the clarification (and thanks for the effort you put into addons as well). Is there any photo scenery available to download for NZ/North Island, or has Geoffkiwi created his own files for personal use?

    P.S Queensland would be a great future addition to Australia's scenery collection. :)

    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased the game on Steam after using FSX for many years. I'm learning how addons work, and have successfully loaded the Northern Territory/Darwin scenery, however I'm struggling with the New Zealand - North Island Elevation scenery. I've downloaded all of these and placed the corresponding folders into the "elevation folder", however there are no texture changes.

    I note the description says, "Elevation files only". Does this mean I require additional files in order to get the textures that are visible in the preview photos?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :)