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    Manually adjusted FOV stays as I set it unless I change aircraft. Then I have to set the FOV manually again. My question is if there is an option to set default FOV without the need of adjusting it manually everytime.


    Is there a way in FS 2 to set up default FOV eg. editting main.mcf?

    What I mean when you select airplane and hit start and then in the cockpit view hit pan reset center button it will zoom to some default FOV which I dont like since it is zoomed in too much. So I have to zoom out. When I for example look left and then hit the reset center button the FOV stays zoomed out as I set it. But when I change an aircraft and hit reset center button in the cockpit again it changes the FOV to the default zoomed in again. So I have to zoom out again.


    Here's a new teaser for you guys:

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    June 24, 2022 at 4:58 PM

    Well this looks great. I will pobably buy the pack just for Bf 109. Will there be more liveries?



    first I would like to say how much I love these maps, because I live in the Czech republic. It is very nice to find my house where I lived as a kid and house where I live now modeled in 3D on the map.

    Second I would like to ask if you will add more regions. I would love to fly over Krkonose mountains and Orlicke (Eagle) mountains. These regions are both connected to Pardubice region as marked on attached map.

    Thank you.