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    Its offical -> Response from Justflight

    Sehr bitter ... Kein Hawk, keine C152 und auch keine Turbo Arrow mehr

    Well that is a shame. I would rather see FS 2 to evolve into bigger sim instead of releasing FS4 which will lack these beautiful airplanes.

    Same here, sticking with FS2 for now. Iam happy with the Europe community made content for FS2. Also my favorite planes right now are Just Flight C152 and Turbo Arrow which are currently not available for FS4.

    Manually adjusted FOV stays as I set it unless I change aircraft. Then I have to set the FOV manually again. My question is if there is an option to set default FOV without the need of adjusting it manually everytime.


    Is there a way in FS 2 to set up default FOV eg. editting main.mcf?

    What I mean when you select airplane and hit start and then in the cockpit view hit pan reset center button it will zoom to some default FOV which I dont like since it is zoomed in too much. So I have to zoom out. When I for example look left and then hit the reset center button the FOV stays zoomed out as I set it. But when I change an aircraft and hit reset center button in the cockpit again it changes the FOV to the default zoomed in again. So I have to zoom out again.


    Here's a new teaser for you guys:

    Well this looks great. I will pobably buy the pack just for Bf 109. Will there be more liveries?



    first I would like to say how much I love these maps, because I live in the Czech republic. It is very nice to find my house where I lived as a kid and house where I live now modeled in 3D on the map.

    Second I would like to ask if you will add more regions. I would love to fly over Krkonose mountains and Orlicke (Eagle) mountains. These regions are both connected to Pardubice region as marked on attached map.

    Thank you.