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    Sorry if this is a stupid question but what do the three settings Airline Traffic Cross Country Flights and local traffic affect. If I increase these, without ATC in this sim, I often suddenly collide with a ghost aircraft on the runway



    I am getting to grips with flight sim and wondered if there was anyone who never uses the outside camera to taxi and park. Just looking for some tips about finding your way to a stand/runway and where to turn etc from inside the cockpit Anyway thank you in advance

    Any reason why the ILS does not line up with many of the runways I have tried both Gatwick and Heathrow with the A320 and the ILS is slightly to the left so when I used the auto land on AP it landed just outside then boundary of the runway.

    Is anyone else finding the career stats a bit buggy? I have made two flights Recent flights shows and logs two flights correctly Pilot career shows two flights but it has logged 3 take offs and 3 landings. Both took off normally and landed on the correct part of the runway. Not a massive issue but it a bit niggly

    What version are you using, e.g. iOS or Android and what is the version number.

    Please also ensure for testing purposes, to reduce Cumulus cloud density and AI traffic.

    If you wish, you can try our beta version for iOS and/or Android. In this case send us an email with your name and the email you use for iTunes or Google Play account.

    Many of the mission challenges just cause the app to close and crash when loading.

    I have tried reinstalling is anyone else having similar issues or is it just one more of the numerous bugs within this app


    I’m not. This seems to be a backward step Laggy on my IPAD PRO 3rd Gen. Co pilot does not work properly When I try and use throttle and yoke together when landing it does not work. The amount of times I have lost steering. No US scenery. All of the beautiful 3d scenery in London gone but no real improvement in detail. A shocking amount of pretty major bugs that spoil enjoyment I’m afraid I obtained a refund from Apple


    Sorry if this has been a previous subject but I did search. I’m new to this simulator having used MSFS many years ago. I presently am using a gamepad until I decide if I will keep playing where I might invest in a joystick. I was just looking for any recommendations for the best button set up. I can’t seem to get anything I really like and wondered what other people might be using Many thanks