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    Hi. I think there’s no mean to display it when flying.

    A few months ago, the map popped up with no reason while flying (the fight was suspended). It looked like a bug, but the back button restored the flight. So it looked to be a feature without being really implemented.

    Thank you

    Is there a quick way (during the flight) I can see what the total distance to runway is? So I can better prepare for landing. Missing that map confuses me a bit

    I play the PC version and there is an option to always keep the map displayed on the screen (A widget type thing). this really helps me

    But, I just bought the iOs version. SIMPLY amazing. But I cannot seem to find that map option anywhere. Does it exist in the mobile version ?

    I know I can go into the navigation menus and see the map, but I am talking about the map (while in flight) in the bottom left hand corner

    From what I can see, the program in Steam called DashPanel does not support Aerofly FS 2. Which is unfortunate

    Does anyone know if there is an equivalent of something like this so i can use my iPad as an instrument panel to keep an eye on things?

    This would be awesome. :)

    So, now that I have an idea how to work this game (Well, the 737 Plane, for now), thanks to so many helpful people on these forums, I was wondering, if i start trying different planes (that also support the Auto Pilot/ Approach feature), I should be able to fly those as well?

    Is it safe to assume that being I learned which controls I need and which to look for, in theory, I should also be able to fly a different plane, correct? Or are there MAJOR differences between planes?

    You have no idea how much this information means to me

    Thank you so much. Everyone in this thread has been so helpful

    I spent more money on DLC for this game. My wife is not as happy as me right now. 😊

    Seriously though, thank I’l you

    Guess what ? You were absolutely correct. My issue was 100% because I wasn't choosing a runway at the origin

    It makes perfect sense why it would work sometimes, and other times not work. Because sometimes I would click on an airport and just choose "Set As Origin", and other times I would free hand type and search for the airport and just choose the runway from there, but never went in and actually clicked on the runway and set it as my starting point with my plane,. I assumed placing the plane in the starting location (just AT the airport) was good enough

    So, i tested 5 different flights with ILS airports. ALL 5 now have the visible gauges i need as I am approaching so i think you resolved my issue. So it working PERFECTLY. I cannot thank you enough

    Note - Is it safe to assume that ANY ILS airport I want to land at, the gauges will ALWAYS line up perfectly (eventually, if I watch them closely) so i can hit the "APPROACH" button? Or are there some airports that I need to take control of the plane manually to bump it in the right direction and give it some help? (I really hope this question makes sense)

    This is where I dialed in the 111.30 or any Mhz settings I need for ILS

    You mention I need to set it on NAV1. I am looking at the pic and my vide, where is NAV1? This is so frustrating (I am not frustrated with you, it is just me trying get this right.

    So, just dropping the plane in the starting position isn't good enough? I have to actually click on one of the runways and choose take off the same way I chose to land in one? I thought just dropping the plane by clicking on the icon to place the plane was good enough.

    Unless I am misunderstanding you

    And thank you kindly for your reply

    And, with the settings I used up above, the flight failed. never even detected there was an airport that I can go into with "approach mode".

    Here is a screenshot. At this point of the flight, the ILS airport should show up by now and at the very least, show some positive activity, but nothing but a red bar to the left hand side of the indicator.. But, it failed. So, once again, I did something wrong. My answer possibly lies in the video I made up above. it is about 3 minutes long of how I set my flight up. I feel like I am driving everyone crazy here, but this is rough. it sometimes works. other times it does not.

    See how close I am to the airport? I dropped down to about 900ft. alt. Slowed speed down to about 145. Flaps down about 20%, wheels out and ready to land, and it flew directly over the airport (in perfect line) but never landed or picked any ILS info up.

    I am thinking by this point of the flight, I should be set and ready to go into approach :(

    All, this is a video of me setting up my flight

    Approach mode works sometimes, and other times it is almost non existent

    Only a few minutes long. I narrated over the top of it.

    Can someone check to see if I am doing this the right way? This is maddening.

    Thank you all for the help you have been giving me :)

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    I used 195 degrees and it was a perfect landing. This is crazy

    This is me narrating a video of how I setup my flight. can you check and see if I am missing something? Only a few minutes long

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    For example, I keep setting up flights and sometimes my green indicator for approach is non existent. What area would I look in to fix that?

    Or sometimes, the flight starts, I see the green thing on the bottom. eventually it disappears but I think nothing of it because I have my flight lined up anyway, but it never comes back. I should have been in approach at this point in this screen shot but the bar was missing :(

    Everyone has been so helpful and I am so grateful. Can I ask 2 more questions please? I finally kinda have the hang of this. Did a few approach landings. Some work. Some do not.

    1. How do I know if a runway supports the ILS landing. Is it just the ones with the frequency?

    2. I still do not know where the numbers are coming for when it comes to an ILS landing by just looking at thee runway number and name.

    For example, I am choosing KSFO (San Francisco Airport).

    Runway 19L - 108.9

    Heading 215°

    Is the above correct? I go to the airport location and click on the runway and it gives me this info. that is where I am getting it.

    Because sometimes a flight works, but then other times, I don't even see the indicators that I can even consider approach mode.

    I FINALLY Did it !!! I cannot thank you enough.

    I cant wait to fly more planes and mess with this game more. Thank you

    I still dont understand how you got 71 when I am seeing 70 in the screenshot and on my PC when looking for hte info

    Can you send me a screenshot of where you see that 71 for that last flight for the LSI?

    I promise I wont bother you anymore after that

    Because I see RWY 07R, and if I pull up the info on it, it reads 70. I just dont know how you got those numbers from this runway name. I will need to know this to continue to fly different routes. I am so sorry

    And thank you for being so kind

    I CANNOT thank you enough for this detailed reply. You aere SOOOO kind. Thank you

    Question (again). you keep mentioning that the heading is 71, bit I am seeing 70 in your screenshot and on my PC. Why did you add the 1 to it? Am I always supposed to do that ?

    It may be a key answer so I want to make sure :)

    THANK you once again

    You can't set 109.9°. This is the ILS frequency! 071° is the course which should be set on the CDI.

    Make sure that 109.9 is correctly set on NAV1 (FMC > TUNE > NAV1)

    Everyone has been so helpful I feel bad asking this

    Can you explain what NAV1 (FMC > TUNE > NAV1)?

    Are they buttons? I may have been setting these already but want to be sure I am inputting this in the right spot

    Omg. Thank you. So instead of setting the dial to 109.9, I turn the course dial until it hits 071?

    So the numbers 109.9 mean nothing to me? Or do I still have to enter than in the ILS screen/dial