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    Regarding 'The beacons(A320,A380)dont iluminate the ground.Can you fix it?':

    Could you give us an exact scenario where this happens? It works fine on our side and we didn't change anything here compared to the initial release.

    admin The red beacon lights are not reflected on the ground. Only the light at the rear and wing light is reflected. This is with me on the A380 and the A320. I have an Iphone X.

    (Die Helligkeit ist ein bisschen noch oben bearbeitet worden, damit man was sieht)

    Hab schon seit einem Monat 100€ auf dem Steam Konto. Hoffentlich muss ich nicht alles ins Hauptspiel reinpressen sondern kann noch in Add-ons reininvestieren

    1. In the Loading screen you can see on the right side a small Line. I dont know what it is but you can see it on the right side in the Picture (Iphone X)

    And my wish is to get the Eurowings Livery in Aerofly. My father is Pilot there and it would be cool to fly this Airline.

    Some of us are still on vacation after Christmas but I hope we can share some news about the next Aerofly FS version for PC soon. We didn't want to rush the release for PC before the Christmas holidays but of course we are continuing our work now. And no, nobody jumped ship or died, we're still here and we start into 2022 refreshed and at full steam ahead.

    I know that you don‘t want to tell us new Features If the features are not yet completely finished. But will be in Aerofly Fs 4 more features as in the Mobile Version? (like Atc,…)

    Am I the only one who thinks that the a320 is easy to fly. I mean at first sight the cockpit is really complex (like all other planes) but after 30 minutes or a small tutorial you know how to handle the a320 perfectly.

    Please no. I use Aerofly offline almost all the time. Its the reason I choose Aerofly. I live in a remote location with poor internet connections (may go satellite one day) and I suspect I am not the only one.

    Yes I live in Germany and the Internet is super bad here. You’re not the only one guy

    I think the devs of Aerofly can‘t do much. If you would like to have a Virus on your phone, you can download it

    Danke deine Meinung :thumbup:.

    Ich glaube so wie du es sagst stimmt es auch