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    Dear Patrik,

    thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I´ve already checked, there´s just one similar to my problem but there´s no answer.

    I´ll show you the converter that I wrote, the error says there are problems loading the configuration file.



    <[string8][base_output_folder][]> // if this is empty it defaults to "C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/"








    <[list_string8][file_types][tsc tgi jpg bmp tif png ]>















    Hello everyone,

    is there an easy way to add my own gates as approach guides?

    For now I created a model of them and exported it from 3D studio max to a .tgi file. I modified the .tsc file with the object in it, but then the .tmc converter doesn´t work properly and I keep receiving the same message: "error loading config file".

    Thank you in advance