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    Sanırım Pegasus havayolları liveries yapabilirim ama bunları nasıl mobile çevireceğimi bilmiyorum, eğer uçak konvertöründe ''mobile'', ''ios'' veya ''android'' tuşlarına basarsam, o zaman yapmam. Dönüştürülen dosyaların nereye gittiğini bilmiyorum. Uçak dönüştürücü 2019 yazından, geliştiriciler daha önce mobil sürümlerin daha yeni sıkıştırma algoritmaları kullandığını söyledi, bu yüzden bunun şu anda işe yarayacağını düşünmüyorum.

    Umarım yeni bir SDK da yayınlarlar.

    I hope

    Dear developers, which systems have you fully simulated for 320 aircraft, which systems are planned to be built and will you simulate each system? Thank you

    First of all, the A320 plane is beautiful, I don't know about others, but this plane is really enjoyable, but some mistakes are very annoying

    1- While giving DIRECT, it deletes points other than the ones we selected, this is a really important feature.

    2- There is a fuel values page, but we cannot add fuel to the plane, this should be added to the game

    3- While entering the route in mcdu, the route is actually entered from the airlines page, but the airlines page is not entered here. In order to align the ADIRS part, first the last pos part must be entered in the INIT part of mcdu, but the IRS INIT key does not work and the wind values button does not work either. Cabin temperature adjustment keys are empty, have no effect, must be fixed.

    4- This is very important: Ground service must come, ground service must come for options such as pushing back, picking up passengers, refueling. As I said in number 2, fuel is an important issue, if you add such a fact, we will benefit from activities such as passenger baggage and pushback.

    should be


    5-door options allow us to choose the door point we want, in real life all planes should start from the gate point.

    Topics 2-4-5 are interrelated and are very important shortcomings.

    6- Real weather conditions should be added to the game and the wind value should be automatically transferred to the game itself.

    7-This is not a shortcoming, please, but I would be very happy if it did. I would be very happy if you add Pegasus uniform and Turkey map to 320 planes.

    For now, these are the ones that come to my mind for the A320 planes because it was the most successful plane and if you do what I say, the game will become really enjoyable. Thanks to them, I will give you the most accurate information, respect 🙏

    By the way, JAT PACK(IPACS), I think you, the people who developed the game, I am very happy to find you here because I have been sending an e-mail for a long time and always the same automatic message is coming, now I am here and I will show all my attention, I will always be in touch with my pilot acquaintances for the development of the game, especially the 320 aircraft, and it's nice. I hope we will turn it into a plane, thank you very much