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    This issue happened to me yesterday on the A320 while using my PS4 controller. I have a video of the flight on my YouTube channel and you can clearly see when moving the throttle back to thrust climb the auto throttle shuts off and needs to be re-engaged. Raybo

    Yes! It’s the A320 & the A380. But only with the PS4 controller.

    I am flying with a PS4 controller. (iPad pro 11” 3rd Gen. IOS 16.3) When taking off and pulling the lever back to level climb. The Autothrottle turns off. Naturally, I turn it back on and all is well.

    When flying with the iPad analog throttle. The autothrottle stays on.

    Also, does multi touch work on your device? I feel like when using rudder and joystick it just stops accepting input from one of them

    I fly with a ps4 controller. I just flew with the A320 and Cessna. It works perfectly. Usually, when I have problems with my screen it is because it needs cleaning.

    It’s a lot of fun watching the co pilot land on runway 07. I really like this kind of spectator view. It adds another dimension to the sim. It would be good for just watching AI aircraft as well. Pretty please IPacs.

    Wow! I just watched the co pilot take off in the A320. That brought a smile to my face! I’m going to watch a take off with the B747 now.

    Yes! I really liked the Cam angle.

    I’m not sure what is going on here. I only said that would love to see trees around airports just as it looked in the picture. I also did not creat a new thread with this opinion. It was simply my reaction to seeing the picture.

    Whilst playing previous versions of Aerofly. I often thought and possibly wrote, that I would love to see the landing lights illuminate the runway. Last year that is exactly what IPacs gave us. And I love it. If I ever see trees. I will love that too.

    In the run up to Aerofly 23 being released, everyone and his dog were stating what they would love to see in it. Now it’s released there are all kinds of comments. Some positive and some negative. I thank IPacs for all their hard work. I thank them for a flight simulator that I can entertain myself with using a mobile device. We’ve come a very long way from the very basic xyz plane that I first downloaded and used.

    Thanks Aerofly. I will continue to support you.

    I have the same problem. (I’m on IOS with an iPad). I’m being asked to download all the regions again. Although, it looks like they’re all in the sim. Can anyone tell me if KSEA is in the default download? Or is it a paid addon. If it isn’t, then I don’t have to download all the regions again. Or, please tell me an airport that is a paid addon. I will be able to check if I have it in the sim or not. Thanks.

    I will downloading and installing everything. I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to learning about Concorde. I’m really hoping that they manage to sort out pushback on time.