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    What can we expect in next mobile version?

    Your guess is as good as mine. Although it seems that every year, instead of improving and updating with regions, planes or effects. We get a brand new simulator.

    For Aerofly 2023. I would rather just have regions. Rather than 20 gig of the U.S and Europe. I would rather have 20 gig on my iPad dedicated to the U.K. or Europe with as much scenery as possible. I would rather have a lot more choice as to what I download. Those that want the eye-candy, those that want to fly internationally etc. Those that just want to fly around there local airport. If I had 20 gigs or even 10 gig of Aerofly just for the country I live in. It would be great. If I lived in France or Texas. I would want the 20 or 10 gig just for France or Texas. I really don’t need the world. It’s a mobile sim. Leave the world to the P.C.

    I really only fly from and to a few airports. I more interested in the U.K. because I live here. I think that a lot of us would love to fly around our own country sight seeing. Or the choice of downloading another country. I remember when I first discovered Aerofly. It was only Switzerland. It had good graphics. It was fun exploring. If it had been 20gigs of Switzerland. Wow! Yes! I did want to fly to another country but I’m not Swiss.

    Aerofly as it is, is a brilliant simulator. The same 20 gig of just one downloadable country of choice. For me, would make it awesome. We all want different things from Aerofly. This would be my choice.

    Don't digress and continue to discuss the update time

    IPacs said that an update will come after they release Aerofly FS4. I’m assuming the update sooner rather than later. we’ve discussed bugs etc over and over again in countless other threads.

    So if you like the illusion of flying in a living world. Why don’t you like multiplayer?

    Because…. I don’t want to make monthly payments. Also, in my experience of multi-player. A certain percentage of the players are there for a laugh. I’d rather that it was AI controlled. In fact, most of the time I’m actually flying. I very rarely see another plane. Only really during take off or landing. That being simulated is ok for me.

    I was thinking that next year, y’all could make traffic be able to be seen taxing to the runway or after landing to their gate, it was a small feature I thought about and it would be cool to wait your turn for takeoff, does anyone agree?

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I agree! Ai taxiing would be great. It would be more important to me than multi player. It would probably be easier to implement as well. Multiplayer has never been of much importance to me. I do like the fact that AI traffic exist within the sim. It does create the illusion of flying in a living world.

    I’ve looked into this. It possible to connect a ps4 or x box controller. I haven’t been able to find a Bluetooth joystick. If anyone knows a way of connecting a usb joystick that works. Let us know.

    What would be cool would be an F35 and a foreign military base (Doha, UAE, Persian Gulf or a Pacific Island) with aerial refueling along the way (an aircraft to intercept en-route, a ferry flight, using radar or some onboard systems) as a mission. But now I am dreaming... :)

    It would require a very small extra scenery and maybe an aircraft carrier. Just a suggestion.

    I already know what the IPACS reply will be - YES you are DREAMING!

    I would love the challenge of Ariel refuelling in the sim.

    Is it possible to install both 2021 and 2022 versions on the same device? Would the files be kept in totally independant folders so that there is no conflict ? Would each separate app run normally if both versions were on the same device?

    I have 21 and 22 on my iPad. They both run independently. I believe that they’re in independent folders. Each version runs perfectly well.

    I love Aerofly! Thank you for the many hours of fun and escapism. I have Aerofly 22. I love it. I love landing and watching the runway light up at night.

    But I still have Aerofly 21 on my iPad. Why? Because I love flying over London. Aerofly 21 has London wonderfully modelled. AF21 has some great 3d cities in it. Plus there is Florida (It wasn’t included in AF22.) It has beautiful scenery. Why isn’t Aerofly 22 the same as Aerofly 21 but with the extra features and programming that you added?

    I want to delete Aerofly 21 from my iPad. I can’t because it has features that AF22 doesn’t. Which means that (for me) some aspects of AF21 are better than the AF22

    Please put into AF22 everything that was in AF21. Well… Nearly everything. You can exclude the Flight School. Although someone will probably want it.

    I’m happy with the planes (except the 737. I would rather it was a NG.) Although, I would rather see new features within the Sim itself. Having said that, the old saying ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Only some of the people some of the time.’ applies here.

    It’s a wonderful sim. I look forward to it getting better. I’m also very grateful for what it is right now.

    Warum glauben Sie, dass die Behörden Sie nach Ihren Vorschlägen machen werden, was Sie wollen

    Thank you! Translators are great but not yet perfect. To answer your question. I don’t think that Aerofly will do it. It would be great though if they would though. When Aerofly first came out it was Switzerland only. I loved it. I would have loved it more if it had been the United Kingdom or Britain.

    “Apples iPad or some other tablet device will one day give me exactly what I suggested.” It’s just a matter of time. ^^ Do you think you are the largest shareholder of IPACS? Interesting speech ^^ ^^

    Do you use a translator? I ask only because your response doesn’t really correspond with what I wrote. And once again, I don’t really understand your response and how it relates to my comments.

    The content you want can be realized in aerofly FS4. Mobile devices will not perfectly realize your wishes, and the official will not customize your wishes

    When your mobile phone can connect 12900k and AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, your wish will be met. Do you think the current mobile device hardware is very powerful? You can take it as your birthday wish

    A large 20g map can display a large area, but there are few objects that need to be calculated and rendered per unit area. That's why you won't get stuck when playing 20g game phones. If you narrow these contents to one country, it will put a lot of pressure on the optimization of the game

    I have no idea what any of that meant except that mobile devices aren’t powerful enough….Yet!

    I’m very patient. When I was playing FS5 on my 486 PC. I dreamt of playing a flight simulator on a mobile device. Which, thanks to Aerofly and others, I can do that now. In fact, I very rarely turn my PC on. Apples iPad or some other tablet device will one day give me exactly what I suggested. It’s just a matter of time.☺️

    I’m in the U.K. because of this I enjoy flying around it. Heathrow to Edinburgh or Aberdeen. I also enjoy flying to mainland Europe. But I want all the bells and whistles. I want scenery. I want all the eye candy. I want to see the AI aircraft lights at night. I want trees. Anything that can get me close to what I would see if I was actually there. I want it all in my Aerofly sim. So why not divide Aerofly into regions. I would buy Aerofly U.K. make it the size of Aerofly 22. It would be amazing. Do the same with France, Germany and the American regions.