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    I use a M1 iPad Pro 11 inch with 1 terabyte of storage with 16 gigs of ram

    My iPad is the same as yours. I haven’t had a single incident of my iPad crashing. Have you tried the usual uninstall then reinstall. Or hot booting your iPad and then starting the sim? Whatever the issue is it seems to be related to your unique iPad.

    Hi Jan, It’s obvious that we want lights and city lights. I would even love the clouds to light up from landing lights. I realise that if I want everything that I want. I should learn to code and write my own sim. However, is there any chance of letting us know roughly what the plan is for the sim. I know that the USA that will turn up at some stage. Is there also a plan to add city lights to A2022? Or will we have to wait until A2023?

    I really would love to know what my expectations should be. I hope that you give us more than we expect.

    (I’ve bought every Aerofly sim since it came out. It’s been great experiencing its evolution.)

    I would love full coverage night lighting. I would then fly much more at night. At the moment, I mainly just take off and land at night. I love the the way the lights light up the runway. It’s spectacular.

    Can you use the ILS and VOR in the Cessna 150? the 737 isn’t all that much different. The 737 autopilot is very friendly. Is your difficulty in following a route?

    The peculiar Aerofly ‘737-500’ is really based on a late 737-200 so try looking up how to control them on-line.

    Yes! I can fly the Cessna. I’ve never thought of flying it like a GA. I’m used to programming the FMS. Taking off and then pressing the AP at about 1500 ft. I could learn to fly it properly through YouTube etc. I just prefer the more modern planes.

    I want the US scenery as well. But as I’m in the U.K. Having Europe is great. The Americans have it there way for ages 🙂. Let us Europeans enjoy our moment.

    I’m not sure about the impact on the sim or storage. I would love to see better night lighting of roads, town, cities etc. I’m guessing as times moves on and mobile technology progresses. We will eventually have it all.

    I’m looking forward to the 3d buildings being back. And the addition of the US. For me, the more complex scenery adds to the feeling of immersion and actually feeling like I’m a pilot or passenger. (I like to look out of the Lear-jet window whilst the copilot does the take off.)

    Do you switch seats? Because the tiller is on the left side of the cockpit.

    As the captain not a captain. After landing. I sometimes take the plane to a gate. Although, usually I don’t bother. If I could get the copilot to taxi to a gate, I would. I would enjoy the extra immersion. 😃. Oh! Btw. I didn’t know that the steering is only on the left side. Is that in all planes?

    I want 3d buildings. I like to look out of the window. As a Londoner. I loved seeing buildings that i recognised. It made flying into Heathrow so much more enjoyable. I would love more 3d buildings in the sim. I’m not just a simmer. Sometimes, I like to let the copilot fly. I just look out of the window.

    Me! I’m really enjoying it. I’ve already logged quite a few hours. Landing at night with the new lighting is awesome. But landing in the daytime at Heathrow in AF2020 is equally awesome with the 3d scenery of London. I really hope that one day it will all be in one version. Kudos to the developers though. I’ve more praise than criticism.

    Once I’ve downloaded the latest version of Aerofly. I’ve always deleted the old version. This time I’ve had to keep it for flying in the USA as well as the 3d scenery. Although being in the UK. It’s great flying around Europe. I always enjoy looking about the window. Both versions of Aerofly around 27gig on my iPad. I’d much rather have 27gigs of one version.

    Anyone else still flying in keeping AF2021?