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    I have two questions.

    1,Why are the blades of the engine clearly visible when the plane is in the air and rotating at high speed? Hasn't your engine rotation simulation been modified yet? Or is it the screenshot software?

    2,What's wrong with this terrain?

    🙏Please, I don't want to see engine blades spinning like a 777. :S

    Good observation friend ... The engine blades of the boeing 777 are poorly simulated and it looks unreal, the engine blades at high speeds should practically not be seen .. I hope the animation of the 787 if you have the correct animation of the turbofan blades of the engine 😓 for example the a320 is very well designed CFM engine animation

    Direct to is a flight management computer feature that tells the autopilot to fly to a specific waypoint and skip the waypoints in-between and abeam points is a variation of that which keeps existing waypoints but moves them onto the straight path towards the selected waypoint.

    I hope most airports will have lights but I'm not an airport developer so I don't actually know.

    Will we have new engine sounds for the boeing 777?

    Why don't dev try to make it as one Aerofly game or rename and call it just simple :(Aerofly fs mobile) ?

    They can add everything in one app itself instead of making flight simulator per year and frustates some users to download a game again.

    Having one simulator per year makes them have to pay for the product again and I agree with that ... Developers work thousands of hours designing aircraft systems. What does ipacs gain from having a single game and releasing updates? They earn nothing ... Delete the latest version and download the new one ... A new version will always come better and improved it costs nothing to pay 10 or 15 dollars for a great game like aerofly ... If in garbage simulators like IF or rfs they pay monthly and they are literally junk planes .. Why not pay once a year for a new version of aerofly? 🙄

    As aircraft use up fuel they get lighter and because of that the most economical cruise altitude rises throughout the flight. To account for this several small climbs are performed to fly at the most optimal altitude most of the time. In modern airliners you can enter waypoints at which the autopilot shall step up to the next cruise altitude. That's the automatic step climb.

    For example, when we make a flight plan in the fmc, the name of the waypoints and the speed that the plane should be flying appear but at the end a height appears, then the plane goes to the next point and there is another different height and so on until it reaches at cruising altitude right? Does the plane go up automatically respecting the heights that are in the fmc? It also applies to the descent ,?

    Header image is just the A320 with sharklets :)

    Admin just answered the other question

    Thanks ipacs .. We will have Germany France, we already have Switzerland and also England .. We will be able to make many trips ... Do we expect any more regions? I am very happy ... My phone has 200 gb just to play aerofly 2022 😁 greetings .. They are an excellent team and have done a great job

    Dear ipacs team, I just bought a new phone to better enjoy the experience of flying in aerofly, my phone is a xiaomi poco f3, with snapdragon dragon 870 processor and 8gb of ram ... Modify to high graphics, in my old phone played medium graphics, but my phone has an option to see the operation of my cpu and gpu ... I could see that the game uses up to 70 or 95% of my gpu .. It is something very high ... My mobile gets very hot, you could better optimize the new version of the aerofly 2022 for android ... It would be of great help for users who want to experience flying with high graphics without damaging our phone, thank you very much