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    i want to buy the RC9 upgrade version, but question's pop's up in my head.

    1. i have RC8 on Steam, can it be upgraded?
    2. i read things like activation key...

    what wait?!?!? Activation key?? is that a way to receive it?

    We do have an Ultimate biplane in the sim so it's just a matter of adjusting control deflections, CG and engine power, isn't it? Have you tried using the model editor in the sim yet? If allows you to create a modification of a plane and tweak it to your desires.

    its sooooo far away from a Goldberg i flying characters you can imagine, the Ultimate in AF is not even close after modification that can be done.


    i have a question, i would like to wish for a new modell. But where should i turn?
    if its like this, (creating a thread) here it is.

    i wish for a Carl Goldberg Ultimate 53" (1.38 meter wingspan) with symectric wings just as the original. And a DLE 20RA enginen with 2.5Hp. weight 4.0 kilograms.
    Just like the old school F3A plane did fly before, fast and smooth. not like today´s 3D Ultimates.

    why? cuz i have one and i want to fly it now during the winter :)
    And i have some older friends who want´s to fly it again as the did 20 years ago and more.

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    thank you so much :)

    The joint connections that hold the parts together are set to a specific mass and inertia. You can only change the size so much before it can become unstable and crash. The only way around that is to manually change the aircraft tmd file and adjust the jointlinear Kd and Kf values. Normally decreasing the damping Kd values does the trick

    ok thank you for the info :)
    lets hope i manage to do the change :)

    i do understand you told me that i need to edit the tmd file, but is it this kind of values i have on the printscreen?
    and i assume i need to raise the value´s? :)
    [Blocked Image:]

    The mb339.tmd file, i made a copy to modify and save the original.
    [Blocked Image:]

    oh i did see now, decreasing the damping, what is the Kd value? there is Kfx, Kfy and Kfz values what i can see?

    should i copy the entire model and put it in as a "User model" if i want to save the original model and be able to use it as orignial?

    EDIT-03: i have the same problem with the Pitts Python, that i did not changed any size or weight, only prop size and servo rates.

    i just modify the plane in the "editor" in RC8, , CG, totalt weight, wingspan set the throw´s on servo´s and so on as i have them in my futaba radio and then the MB339 Trubine jet feels very close to my real Mini MB339 from SebArt with a T-25.


    if i Edit my MD339 Jet for example, change size weight and thrust so it is the same as my real one. it works nice, i save the modified model with a new name.
    next time i start the sim and want to use my saved modified model, the model just crash and respawn´s.

    anyone know why and is there a solution to fix it?